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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
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I was granted Éxempt status in 1969. At Gatwick airport ,

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I was granted Éxempt ' status in 1969. At Gatwick airport , on August 7th 2013, I was told that status was now obsolete and did not apply. I was given a 6 month Visa only despite having my father's birth certificate, my parents marriage certificate and my own birth certificate in my possession at that time. I was under the impression that British law did not deprive people of a status without even telling them.

Can I not still claim residency under my Éxempt' Status?
On what basis were you granted exempt status? Please provide some detail.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

My father was born in the UK. I have all the necessary documents in my possession - and I showed them to the immigration official at Gatwick. He merely told me he had never heard of Éxempt status and he therefore stamped my passport wit the 6 month visitor visa.

The documents are:

Fathers birth certificate

Certificate of marriage

my birth certificate


I lived in England from September 1969 to June 1973, and have spent considerable time here since then as well. Over 5 years in total if that is relevant.

If your father was a British Citizen by birth then surely you would have been registered as a British Citizen?

Exempt status is quite specific and must have been granted for a specific reason - I need to know what this reason was. What application was made and when?

Exempt status that I have seen is most usually associated with military or diplomatic workers, etc.

I find it bizarre that border control would have given you a visit visa simply on the basis of not having heard of a valid status that you had in your passport. Had the passport containing the status expired? Was there a time limit on the status.

I think there must be more to the story and I need more information if I am going to be able to advise you accurately. A picture of the status in your passport would be useful as well.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

!. No, I was not registered as a British citizen.

2.In 1969, Exempt status was granted simply because my father was born in Uk, he was legally married at the time of my birth.

3.I am under the opinion that border control people who gave me a visitors visa only may well have exceeded their authority. The passport containing the Exempt visa in 1969 has expired but I still have it in my possession. As far as I know, there was no time limit on the Exempt status - I was granted it for the course of my lifetime.

4. As far as I am aware there is no 'more to this story'.

5. As far as I am aware, I have two relevant passport stamps. The one in my 1969 New Zealand passport says Exempt and nothing else. The stamp in my current New Zealand passport says' Ímmigration Officer (unreadable number) Gatwick' dated 8 August 2013.

6. I now notice that on previous entries to UK, my passport was stamped for 6 months only.

7. I have just noticed that my wife (who entered UK with me) has a different stamp in her passport. That one contains 2 very clear readable stamps. One stamp reads ''NHD91765, Leave to enter for 6 months. No work or recourse to public funds'. That stamp was not placed in my passport. The second stamp in my wife's passport (Canadian) reads Ímmigration officer 6302 8 August 2013.'

8. It is my recollection that the immigration officer told both my wife and I that we had 6 months (any six months in the next 12 months) to stay in UK.


If u need a picture of the stamps, I will have to find out how to get that picture and transmit it to u.



Victor R Vipond


2. Was he married to your mother?

3. It is possible that you are correct.

4. Ok, but you will appreciate that I have to ask.

6, 7 and 8. The stamp given previously would be the usual visa waiver - you are allowed entry as a New Zealand Citizen for up to 6 months as a visitor. This would appear to indicate that the exempt stamp has been ignored and entry has been on the basis of your New Zealand Citizenship.

A view of the stamps would be useful. The simplest way is to insert a link (type the name of the document, highlight it and then click the tool to insert a link) and you can then select a document to upload. Tools often only appear when using the Firefox browser.

I would appreciate a positive rating at this stage if you don't mind. Remember that ratings are for the service being provided.
Howard and other Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

oops! Seems I did not read the instructions carefully enough. I have rated yr service (med rating) because, of curse, my question has not been answered.


Where do I go from here?


Is there a UK Office I can contact?



Victor R Vipond

You can always provide a further higher rating at a later stage if you wish to do so.

We currently have to work through the system.

Please follow the instructions given earlier and upload some images of the visa and exempt status in the first instance.