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I hire a solicitor to act on my behalf with UK B.A. questions; 1

Customer Question

I hire a solicitor to act on my behalf with UK B.A. questions; 1 would my solicitor be aware if my case had been closed by UK B.A? 2 Should UK B.A be obliged to inform my solicitor/me that my case had been closed? 3 if question one is yes, do they have an obligation to inform me, especially when it is obvious that I do not know the case to have been closed? 4 are UK B.A obliged to inform myself and those acting for me that my case has been closed at the time they do this?


Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Howard replied 4 years ago.
What application was made?

In most cases if a case is represented the the decision would go directly to the Representative and clearly if a decision has been made the the Representative or applicant would be informed.

You can also call the Home Office and find out if the application has been decided, although they should not reveal the decision.

If this does not answer your question then perhaps you can provide more detail.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am not sure if you require further information or not to give accurate advice?


an application for asylum was ordinarily turned down due to lack of supporting evidence.

the main reason for this being the difficulty of acquiring it due to the country left behind.

an appeal was launched and the required evidences obtained and legal representative sent the required acceptable information to UK B.A, who in response sent a 'stamped copy' acknowledging their receipt.


UK B.A requested this information 2010, appeal launched in 2010 and receipt from UK B.A dated Aug 2010.


Since this date, each month an interview has taken place with UK B.A, whom have always stated the case was being investigated.


inquiries made to legal representation has mirrored UK.B.A response.


recently a Labor MP got involved, UK B.A stated that my case has been closed since June 2010? further they made no reference to the receipt in August 2010



1) If?UK B.A had refused asylum and all appeals in June 2010 would they have informed our legal Representative?


2) since June 2010, should in these 36 or so monthly meetings with UK B.A my position been clarified 'if' my case had been closed?


3) If the application and appeals had really ended in June 2010 am i correct in my understanding of your reply that 'UK B.A' would of made this clear to my legal Representative? and possibly myself in the meetings i was obliged to attend after this date?


4) My legal Representative acted on my behalf and took monies for this service after June 2010 and at no point before or since this date in the many meetings and conversations with them,have they told me that UK B.A had made the above decision,my question is where do i now stand legally, what action can i do to keep me and my family a live?

Expert:  Howard replied 4 years ago.

1. Yes, they should have informed your Representative.


2. Yes, you might have expected that if your case was closed then this would have been mentioned.


3. Again, yes. I wonder if they have simply made an error in their response to your MP.


4. Again, you need to check if this a decision has actually been made.Get your Representative and MP to push again and provide the confirmation of receipt of documents that was received in 2010.


Before you can do anything else about your situation you need to know what your situation is, so you need to establish whether or not a decision has been made.


What were the dates when the initial application was refused, the appeal was submitted and the receipt was received?

Expert:  Howard replied 4 years ago.
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