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Hi, Im a British/Nigerian, I would like to invite my wife

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Hi, I'm a British/Nigerian, I would like to invite my wife for a visit here in the UK. but the problem now is I'm doing a full time course at the UNI so i'm not working at the moment. her parents can afford to sponsor her but my questions are?
can her parents use their company account to sponsor her?
do I need to write an invitation letter for her?
do I need to send my bank account even though there is no money in it?
does she need to provide her bank account even though she's not working, she's in her final year at the uni?
and what other documents do u reckon we should sumbit for her to have a chance of being granted a visit visa?
thank you
She must show evidence that she will be returning to her home country. This could be to finish her studies. If there is not a compelling reason to show that she is likely to leave the UK and return home then there is a strong chance of refusal.

If her parents company account is for a limited company then this would not be suitable. They can sponsor her by showing personal funds available or simply put the funds in her account and write a letter of support with bank statements to confirm that they have done so (this is to demonstrate that the source of the funds in her account is genuine).

If you are not providing financial support then you do not need to provide your bank statements. If she is going to stay with you then you should evidence your accommodation.

If she has money in her bank account then she should evidence this.

Key factors in these applications are showing that the trip can be afforded and showing that the applicant will return home and these applications are very often refused where a family member is in the UK and especially so where the family member is a husband or partner.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you for your quick response. but can my mum write the letter of invitation for her instead?

I am not convinced that visiting your mother would enhance her chances. It is best to present an honest application. If she will be staying with your mother or your mother is offering financial support then your mother can of course provide a letter.