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I am French who came in UK in 2001, worked from 2001 to 2004,

Customer Question

I am French who came in UK in 2001, worked from 2001 to 2004, stop to work, but still living in UK, during 2004 to 2008, I was student, leaning English and self-sufficient, in 2008 i start to look for work did different search meanwhile I had a health condition who as stopped me to look after a job, I was at that in income support on the ground of disability allowance, this has stopped in July 2013, therefore I become looking for a job getting job seek allowance, meanwhile a person who I know ask me to help him, so starting getting carer' s allowance so under this benefits I have to help him more than 35 hours a week, including week end, bank holiday, and night for 59.79 pound sterling a week( taxable) to help a disable person, this allowance is provided by department work pension, the job centre plus gave me a form for a claim for income support so I put the claim on, few week after I have been told no eligible for any benefit, because I do not have a qualifying right to reside reg 10 and 7, 21 AA(1 & 2 (4) ) reg 6(1 & 2),i ask housing benefit/council tax and the department work and pension to review the decision mandatory reconsideration but failed despite all the evidence provided,the all those regulation has been in force in 2006 i already living and resident in UK so therefore should be" qualified person " they completely ignore all the evidence like tenancy agreement, bank statement, bill, council tax, student certificate, pay slip, p 45,personal alcohol licence granted in 2006, been ask to a summons jury in 2008, to prove i am living in UK since 2001, I think the treaty for the EEA member as not been respected, in Th December further an appeal tribunal hearing regarding incapacity benefit and income support appeal and my appeal was successful and they have checked my file to establish whether there is any further work that need to be done in relation with my case and all the worked was completed and my appeal was successful. i am desperate for help, becoming homeless soon, event city council tax went into my bank account with out my consent and took more than 200 hundred pound sterling, regardless my situation if I work for a benefit taxable like care's allowance at the rate 59.79 a week and getting a class 1 national insurance credit each week, since august 2013 before. thank you

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Howard replied 4 years ago.
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