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British Passport retained by london Passport office

Customer Question

I'm a black African born here in the UK though I live a larger part of my life in African since 1970 I came back to the UK in 1999 When I got back here I had to have a CRB check done. The results came back saying I have a criminal record and that I was imprisoned in 1997, which I naturally denied and I was cleared for CRB. The biggest problem started when I tried to renew my British passport. The passport office were now aware that there has been an identity fraud and they needed to make sure I was who I claimed to be. Well to cut the long story short; London passport office refused my application on grounds that I couldn't prove I was me. I will be 50 years old in June and some of the documentation they wanted have either been destroyed or misplaced by myself and my parents. what can I do?

I wrote a letter to the passport office telling them about my life in the UK even-though I was 5 or 6 years old at the time. They have ignored this. I have two brothers who were also born here; one is a British citizen but I couldn't find him as he did a change of name and the British passport office knows about him but they have also decided to ignored this fact.

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

I am afraid unless you are able to prove that you are indeed who you say you are, you will have a very hard time obtaining the passport, unless you are able to get a court order forcing the passport office to issue you with the document.

I suggest that you try getting the documents which have been requested from you, e.g. Your birth certificate, school, doctors, employment etc relating to the UK.

This will be far simpler than you going to court. You could also involve your local MP to assist you.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi there

Thanks for your reply, I thought as much anyway however I just don't know where to start tracing back because its been more than 40 years most offices are only obliged to keep records for 20 years. Please find attached a copy of the historical background sent to me by my mother. can you please advice?


I Janet Olusola Omisakin was born on June 25th, 1936. This is how I reached London and I stayed there and my children were born in London. I got to London in 1962, 1st August. I was living atXXXXXLondon, W9. My first doctor was Dr. Davies at Shirland Road, W9, then we moved to my husband’s house at Halifax Street, Sydenham SE26. My husband’s full name isXXXXX I registered with Dr. Dingwall, my first son Hakeem was born in 1963 at Lewisham hospital, SE6 my second son Layi Bankole Jimoh was born at Stone Park Hospital Beckenham Kent in 1964 by that time I was working at Beckenham General Hospital as Hospital Attendant that was in 1964. In 1964 Dr. Ding wall died and Government transferred me to Dr. Challar at Foresthill SE23. My third son was born at Clapham North Hospital Clapham SW4 .From Halifax St. we moved from there to Liston Rd. when we soldXXXXXby Inwood house agency, after 12Liston Road moved to M/C in 1967 and I had surgical operation in Manchester Cheeternhill .My husband was at Stockport University where he got his HND in Structural Engineering. We had also lived atXXXXXSalfour 7 before I had the surgical operation. The children lived with Mavis Badoo before Layi bankole Jimoh was transferred to Children’s home by the Government and Hakeem was with Alice John.

First my husband attended Sydenham Technical College Sydenham where he obtained his OND then we Moved to M/C 16 he went Stockport University where he got his HND Structural Engineering course. My husband has British Passport and he left England in 1970. I left England with my three children in 1969 my children’s name was attached in my passport; I left England before my husband.

Prof. G.A. Olawoyin (SAN) knew everything about you and your daddy, he was one advice me to come to Nigeria before your daddy, because of my sickness.

I worked in Carbon Factory at Norwood junction; I used to pay full insurance. I got tax refund either in 1964 or 1965 before I moved to Manchester City. I went to school at Bute Street Manchester City. I have been looking for my passport since I came to Nigeria. My passport was a hard cover, the old passport. During McMillan I was having maternity money, it was £16.00 by that time of McMilan but during Harowillson we were getting £21 for maternity preparation of delivering.

In my passport cover, if use can see it, I wore armless gown. They burgled our house and gartherd away all our property including my passport. My husband worked at Railways at Richmond Station with one Mr. Adu and Mr. Richard Ilesanmi. Inside our garden, at Halifax street 3E26 we have Cherry tree in there and we have basement and attic on the top of the house. We have one neighbor called Caroline Mum, our toilet was outside, we had no bathroom by that time, we used public bathroom, and the children clinic welfare office is along the same house.

I Janet Olusola Omisakin was in UK in 1962 my husband was there before me, he was there in 1961 and he bought house atXXXXXSydenham SE26 we moved there in September 1962 my husband bought the house through Inwood house Agency, and we sold in 1965.

A picture showing me at Egbe Omo Ife meeting in London has been scanned and sent along. I sat at first row, extreme left. I am wearing a Nigerian Native dress.

Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.
Thank you.

As you were born in the UK before 1983, all you would require is your UK birth certificate to apply for your UK passport.

If you haven't got the document, you may apply for a copy here:

You may also send other official documents such as National Insurance letter, NHS card, tax documents etc. to support your claim that you are who you are.

If the Passport Office still refuse to issue you with a passport, then you may lodge a formal complaint, the procedure is as follows:

Hope this helps. Please leave feedback