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UKSolicitorJA, Solicitor
Category: Immigration Law
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Experience:  English solicitor with over 12 years experience
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Hi. I have applied for a spouse visa in Pakistan. Im currently

Customer Question

Hi. I have applied for a spouse visa in Pakistan. Im currently employed as a company director. I submitted my papers in september 2013 and got a letter from the high commission on 15th Jan. They asked for some papers.

1) CT600 for full financial year including submission report to hmrc.
2) Current appointment report at companies house( already provided)
3) certificate from accountant for unaudited accounts.
4) PAYE proof registered with hmrc (provided)
5) if getting paid dividend such dividend vouchers ( currently got)

The accountant put me down as my annual director salary as £7725 and dividend shares of £14000. I have also shown property rental income which is about £4600 per year.

The company return are currently due on 30/09/2014.

I need to know if i send in a CT600 but not currently submitted, is that ok to send and will they grant the visa or do the accounts have to be submitted and send an hmrc submission report regarding the accounts have been filed? please could you also advise of any more paperwork or supporting documents to send. many thanks
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 4 years ago.

You should send the last submitted Tax Return CT600 and evidence of submission (if this has never been filed, you should arrange for one to be filed right away as you need to submit proof that you have filed the CT600, you should not submit an unfiled CT600.

It appears that they require further evidence of your finances and as such, I suggest you submit the following documents for a complete package:

a. Certificate of incorporation
b. Company Tax return CT600 and evidence of submission
c. Pay slips covering the period of CT600 and P60's
d. Evidence of registration for PAYE
e. Evidence of payment of PAYE and NI covering the same period as CT600 – business bank statements
f. Annual unaudited accounts covering the same period as CT600 and accountant’s letter of confirmation
g. Letter from accountant confirming earnings for the CT600 period
h. Dividend voucher stamped by Accountant
i. Proof of accountant’s membership with a regulatory supervisory body
j. Personal Bank statements covering CT600 period
k. Business bank statements covering CT600 period
l. Current appointments report from companies house
m. VAT registration certificate and copy of latest VAT return

Although there is no guarantee that the visa will be issued even after you have submitted the above documents, if all the requirements are met, there is no reason why the visa should not be granted.

Hope this helps, all the best