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Hi mam good morning im a spanish ctizen my x employer apply

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Hi mam good morning im a spanish ctizen my x employer apply a visa for my husband and they grant it so he came hir on oct. My x employer get all our documents wat my husband pass in british embassy in madrid she told us that she want to extend the visa...jan.15 when we left them and she told to me that she cancelled the application and we wait but until now we didnt know wat happen to our doc.we cannot find a job bcoz they want the the home office proof that it was pass..the prob.our x employer didnt give us and when she called me and ask the told that there was no At all vcoz it was already cancelled...please help us bcoz we want to go back in spain we cannot find a job hir until we didnt have our doc...thnku
Hi Thanks for your question. Can you clarify what you are asking? Are you saying that you gave documents to your former employer and he or she has not returned them?

Or are you saying that you have a pending application at the Border agency?

What exactly do you want to know and what do you want to achieve?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes we gave our our former employer until now she didnt gave it back to us what can we do bcoz she was not giving the home office
What documents did you give her? If they are your she must return them and you should go to the police if she is withholding your passports for example.

If she claims to have submitted them to the UKBA then she must have a reference unless it was only recently.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We went to police near victoria but the girl yold us that no crime is happen we really nid help bcoz my husband residence in spain will be xpired on april we want to be back our we can go in spain asap...we give my spanish passport,2 libro de familia and 2 philippine passport...she had pass the doc.on nov. Is it true that when you cancel the application the Will be gone already...thnks
No it is not true - when you file an application they will allocate the number. They do not cancel that. If the application was cancelled then the documents should have ben returned.

You could try phoning the UKBA and give your husbands name and details and see if they can help ( if you can get through)

I recommend that you go back to the police and say your ex employer has taken your passports and is refusing to return them. It is nonsense to say no crime has been committed. The employer has no right to take your passport.

Otherwise go and see an English solicitor who can threaten your employer.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Can you refer us a solicitor pls..thnku
Where are you based? You need a local solicitor who deals with disputes
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
We live at feltham n at the moment no work bcoz of our doc.
Ok well i canto make a specific recommendation but you can search here by putting gin immigration law and Feltham ( middlesex I assume? )
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok...thanku so much
Good luck
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