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I am trying to help the daughter (B) of a friend. She was 18

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I am trying to help the daughter (B) of a friend. She was 18 last week.she was born in Sierra Leone . Came to uk age 6 as Father was a student here. Father went home to Sierra Leone at end of studies but mother stayed on with B and applied for asylum. Application was lost for 4 years & mother did nothing. Eventually on appeal mother and child were granted refugee status until Nov 2015 on the grounds B would suffer FGM if she went back to SL. B's relationship with her parents has broken down as her Father even though living in Sierraleone & only visiting is very controlling and has even taken B's travel documents and refused to give them to her.
B is a high achiever & would like to go to University. She has absolutely no ties to Sierra Leone but strong ones here ( us) and would like to apply for ILR in her own right now she is 18 in her own right
1.How should she go about this?
2. Will she need to take "life in uk test? ( She has GCSE English grade B so won't need English test)
3. What is her likelihood of success? ( in getting ILR)
4. Can she apply for a replacement uk travel document if her father still refuses to return her own?

Thank you for your questions.

1) once she has completed 5 years on her refugee status, she may apply for ILR using form SET(PR). The application is free and appears here:

2)Not required.

3) very good chance provided she will have completed 5 years as a refugee

4) she should report the matter to the Police as she is now 18 and her father has no right to keep her document. See here for the procedure in obtaining replacement travel documents:

Hope this helps

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Are you able to answer one more query on same subject for same price?

Can a refugee access a government student loan? The girl in question will not have been a refugee for 5 years until Nov 2015 ( despite having been in uk 12 years and ths being more than twice her age on arrival) but uni starts in October and applications have to be in much earlier. I understood that as from last year any child who was brought into the country was entitled to claim British citizenship if the time they had been here before 18 was more than twice their age on arrival. Is this not so?

As a refugee, she will be eligible for student finance and the same fees that home students pay.

Hope this clarifies.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have already complained to the site owner that there is too much trying to trick one into signing up accidentally to the monthly subscription. Now it is suggested a tip. This was not mentioned or at last not clearly at the beginning and there is no place to put a tip of £0

I accept this is not your fault and you have to work within the system but allowing for lawyers being paid at £150 per hour £46 seems expensive enough ( I realize you don't get that) without having to add tips Not normal for professionals

having said that thank you for your very clear and informative answers to my questions, in particular giving me the exact link for the application form .Thank you.



I will let customer service know about your comments.

All the best