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UKSolicitorJA, Solicitor
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Hi UKSolicitorJA I am Likin Gera. I am currently on Tier

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Hi UKSolicitorJA

I am Likin Gera. I am currently on Tier 2 ICT visa. I have got a few queries:

1. What is the difference between work permit and residence permit? Suppose if i change my employer and switch to Tier 2 General visa will I be needing both work permit and residence permit?

2. Me and my wife are expecting twins in the month of August this year. My ILR is due in November and I would be on Tier 2 General visa during that time so my twins would also be requiring a visa to be in the UK? So will they be getting a Tier 2 General Dependent Visa and what is the procedure to apply for a visa for them.

3. Currently I am on Tier 2 ICT Visa so if I resign from my current job and my employer asks me to serve a notice period of 3 months then when can I start applying for my tier 2 visa. Will it be once the notice period is over or can I apply during the time I am serving the notice period.

Thanks & Regards
Likin Gera
Hello again Likin,

1) not relevant anymore but in the past, the work permit was a document issued by the Home Office which permitted someone to work and the person then had to apply for a residence permit (visa) separately to go on their passport which endorsed the work permit on their passport;

2) No need to apply for any visa for your twins if they are born in the UK, once you get ILR, you may apply for registration of the twins as British Citizens;

3) you may apply during the notice period.

Hope this helps
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