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when you are married to a non eu citizen and work abroad and

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when you are married to a non eu citizen and work abroad and have your home in uk , can you get residency visa for your wife

What is your nationality?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i AM A bRITISH CITIZEN OF SCOTTISH DECENT - SO not immigrant citizen however , i have worked in saudi for a long time but retain my how in carlisle uk. The embassy in kuwait state if i am not working in uk she must withdraw till i am. but at v63 difficult to get job there.the plan is to have her settle there so she can fget her uk nursing licence and work so when i finish here in a couple of years we are not relying on state funds my wife is only 41 as is a philippine registered nurse


The spouse settlement visa is only applicable if you both wish to live in the UK permanently and provided that you are earning an income of at least £18600 per annum.

If you have at least £62500 in savings, that should also be fine.

If you do not have the above, I am afraid the Embassy is correct and the application should be withdrawn otherwise it is likely to be refused.

Hope this helps
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hello - since my age is cloise to 63 it is not possible to get job in the uk with this minimum salary. since a large portion of uk workers dont earn this amount. i want my wife settled so we CAN SEcure a job For her then i can retuRN TIO THE UK WITHOUT NEEDING PUBLIC FUNDS


Is that it i can never GET MY WIFE TO THE UK WHILST I AM EMPLOYED ABROAD. WHAT ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS. IF I LEAVE HERE NOW I would be unemployed and would fail min wage requirement.

I am afraid your human rights would only be protected under UK law if you were actually living in the UK, which you are not currently.

I am sorry, but if have already advised you on what the legal position is. I can only,advise you on what the law says even though it is not what you wish to hear.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you , is there any visa i can get which will allow her to go there. i need to get her there so she can get a uk nursing licence which takes time


She may apply for a visit visa which is for 6 months but she will need to show proof that she will return back home after her visit e.g. If she has a job, property, family etc to come back to, she should provide evidence of this.

All the best
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