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British Naturalisation question. I will apply for naturalisation

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British Naturalisation question.

I will apply for naturalisation in 2 weeks. In 2010 my father opened 2 companies under my name with the companies house ( So I was the director for both of them)

The first company was not operational at all ( was not trading at all ) so the comany's house dissolved automatically 16 months later.

The second company is still operational, but not making any profit ( I stayed the director untill July 2013 then my father put his name as a director. I worked there as an employee ie registered on PAYE.

The question is: I NEVER filed a self assessment to the HMRC for being a director, I did not know that I have to because I never received any dividends. I called HMRC recently to ask If I have any taxes due and they did not mention anything about not filing a self assessment probably they do not even know that I was a director

I am not going to declare on AN form that I am a director as I am not now instead i will tick employee option as I am employed now.

Will there be any effects on my Naturalisation application?

You should file the self assessments for the past years and regularise your status with HMRC as the Home Office makes checks with HMRC to verify that your tax affairs are in order before granting naturalisation.

If you are not a director now, you should simply state that you are an employee, you will have to give your NI Number on the application form from where your tax affairs will be verified.

Can I assist further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your respond


The HMRC do not appear to be aware that I was a director. They never wrote to me asking me file a self assessment, even 3 months ago they sent me a cheque for over paid tax through PAYE. So if the home office checks with them I would not think HMRC would tell them about missing self assessment, I am concerned that the UKBA do checks to verify if applicants were never directors


What do u advice on this

IN that case you should be okay with not declaring that you were a director and forget about the whole self assessment issue unless HMRC asks you specifically to file the returns.

You should simply declare that you are an employee on your naturalisation application.

All the best
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you JA


I have just called the HMRC I told them that I opened a company which was dissolved by the companies house. They asked me if it had ever traded, I said no and then they said you do not have to file self assessment( I have this call recorded) in regards XXXXX XXXXX second company I remembered that I resigned 10 months after opening the company, I confirmed that with companycheck website as well. So basically I resigned before the company started to trade and based on the HMRC they said if company did not trade then no need for self assessment. I gave them my NIN and they checked on the system they said we do not see we issued any self assessments request for you and that I do not owe any taxes.

If the Home Office finds out that I was a director will they refuse my application or treated as deception?


You being a director or not should not affect your application as long as your records are in order at HMRC.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Lastly. From the information I have given you do you think the situation has any negative effect on the application?


Also are you familiar with AN form? Because I will be filling it soon and I might open a new question to help me with it


Many thanks

No, I do not see anything negative about your application, and yes, I am familiar with the AN form, so please feel free to revert to me with any questions you may have about it.

Ask for UKSolicitorJA only to answer any further questions you open.

All the best
UKSolicitorJA and other Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You were amazing. Thank you. I will ask you another question when I will be filling the AN form


Thanks once again and I will rate your service excellent