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Category: Immigration Law
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how can we get a work visa for a filipino housekeeper whose

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how can we get a work visa for a filipino housekeeper whose student visa has already expired? she would be employed full time in the UK as a housekeeper, she currently holds a filipino passport

When did her visa expire?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Her student visa expired in January 2013. She is still in the UK but without work. However she could now get a letter of employment for full time employment here in the UK. Would that help her get a visa and if yes, what would be the other requirements be?

Thank you.

I am afraid the answer is no, she is not entitled to apply for a visa from within the UK as her visa to study expired more than a year ago. She may be detained if caught and removed from the UK and any employer employing her would face a fine of up to £10,000.

There is a domestic worker visa but she needs to apply for this from outside the UK and she needs to have worked with you for at least a year first before she qualifies.

I am afraid I do not see her qualifying for this domestic worker visa.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

thanks a lot for this. I need 2 further clarifications please:

1. if her student visa had expired less than a year ago, could she have applied for a work visa from the UK now?

2. when you say she would have needed to have worked with us for at least a year in order to qualify and apply for a work visa from outside the uk, the year in question should be the year when she was under her student visa? ie, could she get a temp work visa now from the UK, go back to the Philippines in a year's time and return with a permanent work visa?


thks again xx

1. No, she could only have applied for a work visa if her student visa expired less than 28 days ago

2. No, she cannot have worked as a student for a year for you to qualify for a domestic worker visa, she would need to have world overseas for the year and then made the application to come to the UK.

The fact that she has overstayed her student visa for so long means she will be banned from applying for another UK visa for a number of years.

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