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My daughter has dual nationality - German (mothler) and New

Customer Question

My daughter has dual nationality - German (mothler) and New Zealand (father, who also has Irish nationality). She was born in the UK to unmarried parents in 2004 who later married (us).
She normally travels within Europe on her German passport but it will expire and she has to travel to/from Germany on her NZ passport (travelling alone as unaccompanied minor). I suppose their will be an issue entering the UK, clearly not as a visitor. As she certainly has a right to live in the UK I was wondering what I can/need to do. I've heard of indefinite leave to remain, residence cards etc.
Many thanks
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.

UKSolicitorJA : Hello,
UKSolicitorJA : your daughter is already a British Citizen at birth by virtue of being born in the UK to an Irish father.
UKSolicitorJA : Irish nationals are considered to be settled in the UK so anyone
UKSolicitorJA : born to them in the UK is automatically British at birth otherwise than by descent.
UKSolicitorJA : all that needs to be done is for a British passport to be applied for your daughter
UKSolicitorJA : See here for the procedure for applying for a first child passport:
UKSolicitorJA :
UKSolicitorJA : I would advise that a British passport be applied for as soon as possible for your daughter so that she has no issue entering the UK
JACUSTOMER-no5p65yy- :

even though she already has two passports?

UKSolicitorJA : No problem, she may have a third one as well
UKSolicitorJA : please leave feedback
JACUSTOMER-no5p65yy- :

my question related to her NZ passport. I don't really want to maintain 3 different passports for the future.

JACUSTOMER-no5p65yy- :

how can you just finish the chat without knowing if i have more questions?!

UKSolicitorJA : She is not guaranteed entry to the UK on her NZ passport
UKSolicitorJA : If the intention is for her to live in the UK in the foreseeable future, then it is advisable to apply for a UK passport for her
UKSolicitorJA : and perhaps not renew the German one
UKSolicitorJA : The site is having technical issues
UKSolicitorJA : i see you have left negative feedback, please reconsider this as it was not my fault due to the site having technical issues
JACUSTOMER-no5p65yy- :

I don't want to lose her German one. And Germany only allows for dual nationality in accordance with the parents passports. She cna't have an irish one as she only has great-grandparents born on the island and my husbands birth wasn't registered on the register. If she was to get a british one she'd have to give up the german one. And that wasn't my question as that's not an option. I realise, as per my initial querry, that there'll be an issue entering the country with the nz passport, hence me being on this website! Therefor I didn't find your answer helpful.

JACUSTOMER-no5p65yy- :

There must be a way of adding something to her nz passport by immigration or to get an extra document so she can enter the UK with it.

UKSolicitorJA : Ah I see now
UKSolicitorJA : There is a solution in that case
UKSolicitorJA : I can help further if you change your rating
UKSolicitorJA : as your current rating does not give me credit I am afraid
UKSolicitorJA : The site is still having issues it seems
UKSolicitorJA : The solution is to apply for a Certificate of Entitlement to prove that your daughter has the right of abode in the UK, this will be placed in her NZ passport
UKSolicitorJA : so that she will be free to enter and leave the UK without any immigration restrictions
UKSolicitorJA : see here for the process involved
UKSolicitorJA :
UKSolicitorJA : hope this helps. Please remember to change your rating if this is helpful
UKSolicitorJA : So that I am credited accordingly.
UKSolicitorJA : Thank you