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Dear Mr or Mrs I have married my husband for love. However,

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Dear Mr or Mrs
I have married my husband for love. However, he has not been sincere with authorities (including our immigration lawyer). We live in the UK; I am a EU national, he is not. At present he does not have the permit to work but works anyway. He also overstayed his tourist visa on a regular basis. I did not know for all this when we were dating. In order to get his visa and work permit for life in the UK we needed to submit my and his statement about our relationship, co-habitation, plans for the future etc. By mentally tormenting me, he achieved I signed a version of a statement that included lies about our co-habitation (as I moved to another city for a new job, he refused to come live with me because he had a job in another city). In our statements, we both said we lived together for months when in fact we have been living together for just one month now. As I am not a liar by nature plus I fear the authorities, I told the truth to our immigration lawyer and changed the statement. However, the previous statement has already been send forward to authorities (court) and the immigration lawyer said this will have implications for me. Our hearing is in two weeks from now. What shall I do? Sincerely, XXXXX XXXXX thinking of just going to my home country without appearing to the court. Would that make things even worse?

Deception for immigration purposes is a crime and you could be arrested I am afraid if the truth is known.

You should approach the home office and tell them you were pressured into making the original statement and that it was fabricated to facilitate circumvention of immigration laws.

If you approach them, then the authorities will probably not taken any action against you.

You may report the issue here

Can I help further?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Thank you very much for your rapid reply.


I would like to know if the home office can prosecute me even if my husband and I are in a genuine relationship? (I got pregnant with him last year but my husband did not want to submit that as evidence as it happened when he was overstaying his visa - I did not know that at a time. We were not married then.)


Many thanks.

It is unlikely you will be prosecuted if you are in a genuine relationship but if you lied about cohabiting when you did not actually live together, then that could be a problem, unless you inform the Home Office that you were pressured into lying in which case you should be let off.

But you need to approach the Home Office and get this off your chest as I see it is eating away at your conscience.

It is always better to go to them first before they come to you.

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