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Thomas, Lawyer
Category: Immigration Law
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Dear Sirs, I entered into a Civil Partnership in 2009. I

Customer Question

Dear Sirs,

I entered into a Civil Partnership in 2009.

I was granted five years of residence as a Family Member of the EU. My other half is French National.

My Residence Permit will expire in October 2014.
I intend to apply but I am not sure if I will need the EEA4. What other documents I will need to produce to prove we lived together?

Will council tax for the last five years be enough?

Do I need to include bank statements for the last five years?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 3 years ago.

Thanks for your question.

If you have been on in a civil partnership on your residence card for 5 years then you should be able to apply for Permanent Residence, which is the right to remain in the UK regardless of whether or not you remain in civil partnership.

The correct form to apply for PR is EEA as confirmed on the following link:-

The council tax records are fine, but if you also have utility bills in your joint names as well as council tax statements then I would also submit these as well. I would also consider executing a pair of statutory declarations from you and your partner confirming your civil partnership and the chronology of whether you have lived within the past 5 years.

You should be fine if you do this

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We have a pay as you go meter for electricity and I started paying the gas myself. My partner pays the mortgage and I do pay other expenses like food, telephone and internet bills. We also have a joint account together.

We have lived together for six years and got married in April 2009.


So you think I need to include the five years evidence of council tax statements

a Letter from us both? what to include in those letters?



Expert:  Thomas replied 3 years ago.

Well, definitely include the joint account bank statements. Include her mortgage statements and also the telephone and internet bills that you have paid for. Together, they prove your respective occupations and that you have lived together.

If you can get the 5 yeasr of council tax statement then include these, yes.

The statutory declarations are sworn statements which you can prepare and have sworn with any solicitor. It should state how long you have lived together and why you do not have joint utility bills, it should refer to the evidence that you will submit with your applicaiton.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is the sworn declaration compulsory?


I am unsure how much it will cost us?


1.Five years council tax statements

2.Our joint account bank statements

3.Letter from my University

4.Mortgage payments

5. Insurance

6.Letter from employer

7.Some other utilities bills like gas, etc



Do I need to include ALL my bank statements since 2009-2014?




Expert:  Thomas replied 3 years ago.

Neither a statutory declaration or all of the bank statements are compulsory but your application is improved hugely by having them. I would strongly recommend in your case that you gather as many statements as you can and also execute the statutory declarations.

If you prepare the statement yourself and simply get the solicitor to put it in the form of a stat dec then it should cost around £80+VAT in total.

I have to go out in ten minutes and will only be able to answer your followup questions after this time when I return at about 6.20.

Kind regards,