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This is my sons situation, please help as if his wife stays

Customer Question

This is my son's situation, please help as if his wife stays in Vietnam on her own she has no family to support her with the delivery and looking after her baby. if my son returns to the UK without her he will miss his son's life, this situation is intolerable and making us all ill. I want them to come and live with me so that I can be united with my family and support them. I will take out medical insurance even though the GP has assured me that their will be no cost if she is here for 3 months or more.
If they come and the baby is born there would she be made to leave the country without him?
this is henry's summary of the situation. Incidentally we have relatives in Canada and Holland too.
Wife is a Vietnamese citizen
• she had two successful visas (one in 2011 and one in 2012-13)
• last month we applied for a 2 year family visitor visa
• we did not get it and instead were given a 6 month (03/06/2014 – 03/12/14) class c visitor’s visa
• expected date of delivery of our son is 31st October 2014
• Want to know if it is possible to extend the visa length in the UK due to extenuating circumstances as my son will be too young to travel at the point at which my wife’s visa will expire.
• also I am concerned that when my wife does leave the UK there is no guarantee that she will be able to get a visa and we (as I will not leave her on her own) will be stranded in Vietnam with nowhere to live and no work as I will have quit my job to come back to the UK for 6 months.
• I am also worried that unless we have some kind of confirmation that we can go back to the UK and stay there long enough for my son to travel safely he may have to be born in a substandard 3rd world hospital despite being a British citizen.

Thanks Linda Cottier
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  Thomas replied 3 years ago.
Hi Linda,

Thanks for your question.

Where does your son live at the moment? ie. his year-to-year place where he lives..

Is it ultimately intended that the wife and child live in the UK with your son and raise their family here?

Kind regards,