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in reference to the the issue of visas for spouses is it likely

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in reference to the the issue of visas for spouses is it likely that there will ever be a fair system seems totally unhumanitarian to shut everybody out for the sake of a few people.
Anyhow , question as i am almost 63 what happens when i reach pension age? there is no way to meet the current or even proposed min wages so does that mean a pensioner is not allowed awife.
Thanks for your question.
Essentially you are correct, but I will advise you of your (quite limited I'm afraid) options.
Are you working?
Would you be able to relocated for about 4-6 months at some point to work in an EEA country with your wife/fiance?
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Good Morning.

Thank you for your response however, i am uncertain as to what you are saying = do i understand it corerectly that if you are of pension age and your wife is only say 45 meaning of working age and a professional ( nurse ) you would be unable to get your wife a visa.???? eea is that europe ? i think unlikely to get work there due to age and my wife being a philippina would need visa again..

I'm really sorry I've not be able to answer, as I am presently out of the country.
I will be able to answer at about 1030 tomorrow morning.
Your question will remain open for others to answer in the meantime.
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


to answer your question yes am working in the middle east. am unlikely to work in EEA country due to age almost retirement age.

Thanks for your reply and patience.
The financial requirement is obviously very controversial in that it excludes a great many families from being together.
If you are outside the UK and cannot meet the financial requirement by showing that you and your wife have cash savings of £62500.00 which you have held for 6 months then you would be looking at meeting it by salary.
In the case of a person returning to the UK, the requirement is that you must be able to show that you have earned a salary above £18600.00 during the preceding 12 months outside of the UK before the application AND that you have a job offer to start in the UK within 3 months at a salary above £18600.00.
Unfortunately, if your wife is out of the UK then you cannot rely on any element of her salary.
If you are unable to meet the requirement via either salary or cash savings, then your options are limited.
One slightly back-door way is if you are able to relocate to an EEA country (ie a European Member state) in order to work for about 4--6 months with your wife. If you were to do this then your wife could apply for an EEA family permit at the end of this time in order to come back to the UK with you under EEA rights (these are different to the Immigration Rules). If you did this then you would not have to meet the financial requirement because it does not apply to EEA nationals.
If you are not able to do this then the only options are to wait until the rules eventually change or to invetigate whether your wife can secure employment via a Tier 2 Sponsorked Skilled worker visa so that she can apply via sponsored employment:-
I am sorry there are no better options for you.
Kind regards,
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