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Category: Immigration Law
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Hi , I am from pakistan i got a 5 year visitor visa for U.K

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Hi , I am from pakistan i got a 5 year visitor visa for U.K in 2011 and visited U.K but on my return from u.k i got an email from visa office that my visa has been revoked giving the reason that one of the paper of property by my sponsor was proved false.I have provided them with the proof from the property report maker that it was a computer fault but till now they have not provided me with any satisfactory answer.Now the question my passport carries a 5 year visa but the mails from visa office says that the visa is revoked.Now i want to visit U.K how can i do this and if my visa is revoked how can i get that reinstated.Kindly advise in this regard.
Thanks for your question.
If they have stated that your visa is revoked then you will have to apply again for a further visa. There is no way around this.
If it is the case that the "deception" was simply as a result of a computer error then you will have to see if you can prove this with documentary evidence of how the error occurred and how this result in an apparent deception. You shoudl consult closely with the person who was responsible for the document which appeared false to see if you can get hold of documentary evidence of what has happened.
If for whatever reason you cannot get documentary proof of how the mistake occured then you and the person will have to execute sworn declarations confirming what has happened in detail. You will have to swear that it is simply a mistake and that it was not a genuine deception.
In summary, it's a fresh application with an explanation in great detail as to how the mistake occured in an attempt to prove that it could not have been anything else other than a computer error. If you do this and the argument is convincing then you have a reasonable chance of getting your visa re-granted.
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks dear for swift reply i can provide a written proof of that mistake but i dont know how to proceed and where to go for this as i have tried to contact visa office with no answer from them.Plz guide in this regard that how can i proceed.

Thanks and Kind regards.

You will have to apply for a visitor's visa in the same way that you did to get your original visa. The difference is that in addition to the documents you originally submitted you will also have to submit the new documentation relating to proving the mistake.
I would really recommend also getting a UK based solicitor to check the documentation that you get for the mistake and also checking the application yourself.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks again dear but the visa services we are getting here is all online we need to fill a form online and submit that online and the same form is printed out and given for visa to the visa office how can i add these explanations in that form and what if can get help from you in the near future for applying for visa is it possible if so how can i do so.

Thanks and very kind regards

You should add it as Further Information, which is believe which is at the end of the form.
In that section you should refer to the individual piece of evidence that you gather and then send them to them after the application has been submitted.
You can request me in future via my profile or by marking your question "FAO Tom"
Good luck.
Kind regards,
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Dear thanks for giving me another chance.One more question do i need to apply with the papers from same sponsor or can a get a sponsor from any other person in U.k and do the sponsor if same need to make paper of the same property of which the visa was revoked.If i can apply with any other sponsor paper then how will i clear my position for the past mistake.

Thanks and kind regards.


I will be able to answer at 9am

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Sorry dear i was unable to realize the time difference.

Sorry for that.



There is nothing stopping you from getting a new sponsor but you will still have to explain in the above mentioned way what happened with your previous sponsor to stand a chance of getting your visa.

Kind regards,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi dear you are so great for giving me another chance.Some people say that if any document submitted is proved as false the person seeking visa is not allowed to apply for any further visa for 10 years from the date of revokation.Is there any sort of law which says this or these are just fake assumptions.Kindly advise in this regard.

Thanks and stay happy.



If Home Office is certain that there is a deception in that documents which were provided are proved to be false then the applicant would usually be banned for 10 years, yes.