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Im an Italian citizen looking to marry a citizen of the Philippines

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I'm an Italian citizen looking to marry a citizen of the Philippines to bring her to live with me in the UK and also work here.
I do not have the annual disposable income of 18,600 pounds a year, but I heard that this only applies to UK citizens and not to EU citizens. Is this correct?
About the procedure, how long does it take, how much does it cost, and how complicated is it? Also, where do I find the exact procedure?
Can I validate the marriage in the Philippines, or will I need to bring her here with another visa first?
Thanks for your question.
You are correct that if you are an italian citizen living and working in the united kingdom then you do not have to meet the restrictive salary requirements that uk citizens have to meet if they want to bring a foreign spouse to the united kingdom.
Your spouse will have to apply for an eea family permit before you can travel here. You must marry him before he does this.
Once you are married in the philippines your marriage will be valid under english law. You do not have to do anything other than marry in the philippines to make it valid but you will have to submit your marriage certificate from the philippines but also a certified translation of it to prove that you are married when you come to submit your application for a family permit.
He must submit the application from his home country and it generally takes about 6 to 8 weeks from the date that you submit it.
Guidance on the application itself and how your spouse can apply is contained on the following link:
The application is not as complicated as most immigration applications travis to encourage you to attend a local solicitor in the united kingdom once you have prepared the application with your supporting documents so that they can confirm the application will be approved when you submit it.
Kind regards.
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