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Morning my wife has applied for a uk settlement visa on 12may

Customer Question

Morning my wife has applied for a uk settlement visa on 12may in Pakistan lahore..all paper work is well every criteria is met Islamabad embassy received paper work on 13th may.we got married 29 march 2014 i went back to Pakistan in july because i found out my wife is pregnant and she needs august i get a response from Islamabad saying official officer going through it and will let us know. Still had no response than i sent email again when got back to the UK. I got same response on 2nd Sept still looking at over one Month they still looking at application?? Even tho i applied in may 13th. Wife is pregnant and i don't want to be having my baby in Pakistan..wife is due end of december or beginning of january...shes not in good state...she has these 2 months to travel....this will be my 3rd trip to Take care of my there any chance of doing anything??? Travel fast documents?? someone that can contact embassy??
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  UKSolicitorJA replied 3 years ago.

The published processing times for settlement visas lodged in Lahore are as follows:

Number of days to process application 30 days 60 days 90 days 120 days
% of applications decided 26% 43% 55% 69%

This shows that many applications may take over 4 months to decide, not counting weekends and public holidays.

If a decision has not been made within 6 months of the application being made, you may lodge a complaint to the UKVI offices in the UK.
I am afraid until 6 months have passed, there is not much that can be done other than to keep requesting UKVI to expedite the processing of the application.

Sorry, but I can only answer you truthfully.

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