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Category: Immigration Law
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i am satisfied by what information u have given me but i still

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i am satisfied by what information u have given me but i still have got some questions are you still able to answer me or i have reached to limit of my questions
What are you further questions please?
Kind regards.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

after being with her for 2 years do i still need to return to my country and need to have savings and girlfriend need to b employed and all that

and if i start process before 2 years of period and i need to return to my country do i need solicitor in here or over there

if we get married here what will be the process do i still need to go back

if my name is ***** ***** my baby,s birth certificate is that gonna put any affect on the situation

and is that matter how much my girlfriend and my baby need me or if her family want to support me or want me to b here

Thanks for your reply.
Basically, whichever visa you apply with the home office will probably rejected requiring you to go back home. In order to attempt to get leave to remain without giving hand you would have to instruct a solicitor to appeal the rejection and argue that it would be disproportionate and reasonable to expect you to go home. Frankly it's going to be very difficult without going home and expensive too.
If your girlfriend has a job and is employed in that job for 6 months at a salary above £18600 per annum then you would not need any savings
If you were to marry then you would not need to wait until you have lived together for 2 years to satisfy that part of the eligibility criteria. If you were married in theory you can reply straight away once your girlfriend has been employed at her requisite salary
It will be helpful if you are on the baby's birth certificate but this will not solve your situation on its own.
The fact that your girlfriend and baby needs you is helpful in that it would probably stop you from being deported.
Kind regards
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

if they ask me to get deported then the process from my country will be still hard to finish or is it like to verify things from there

and if i start my case here without getting deported how much roughly u think it will cost

If you applied in the united kingdom without going home once you meet the eligibility criteria then you can expect to pay at least two thousand pounds plus vat in legal fees