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A Mauritian would like to come to England to work. While on

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A Mauritian would like to come to England to work. While on holiday as a general visitor, she was offered a job and would therefore require a Visa to be able to take the post. She is currently visiting families in France before flying back to Mauritius in October. I have 2 main questions:
1) What can the person who has offered her the post do in the UK to help with the visa application?
2) Does the Mauritian apply for the Visa through the British High Commission in Mauritius.
Thanks for your question.
Is the employer a tier 2 licensed sponsor of tier 2 general sponsored skilled workers?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The job is general housekeeping for a french Couple who have lived 7 worked in England for one year.They have 4 children aged between 3-9 years. As the Mauritian speaks French, they would like to employ her. I believe she will require Tier 2 General Visa.

What salary are they offering her please?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

They are offering £400 per week and this includes free accommodation nearby. 5 weeks annual leave per year

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

£400 per week. Free accommodation nearby 5 minutes from their accommodation which we have visited. 5 weeks annual leave per year.

Thanks for your reply.
The salary offered is only just above the required minimum salary of £20,400 per annum.
The first complication with the application is that the job which she is being offered is not on the shortage occupation list and so she would have to prove along with her employer that there are no other people in the united kingdom who can carry out the job for the salary offered. This seems extremely unlikely, since there are a lot of people who would presumably be able to do the job, speak in french and also would be willing to do it at the salary offered.
For this reason, i have to say that it would be very difficult and would probably discourage an application on this basis. How employers would have to apply for a tier 2 sponsor licence first and this can be very difficult, but this would be what they have to do if they are willing to help your friend
If the employer is willing to pay the money and putting the effort to get to tier 2 sponsor licence and they are successful then she could apply for mauritius. Here is the link to how to apply for a visa for mauritius
Kind regards
Kind regards
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