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I am a man and have a Chinese boyfriend with Malaysian citizenship.

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I am a man and have a Chinese boyfriend with Malaysian citizenship. can I sponsor him to live in U.K.?
Where is your boyfriend currently and does he have a UK visa? If yes, what type? Are you working? If yes, what is your annual income or do you have savings?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

He currently lives and works in KL Malaysia. He does not have a U K visa.I own my own house no mortgage. I am eighty years of age and in need of someone to live with me. my partner is 37 and wishes to live with me to look after me. there is no question of him wanting or needing to work here. I have capital of approx £230,000 of which £70,000 is available at once as cash,the rest in short term building society bonds.If possible we would like a civil partnership otherwise we would be man and carer. On my death he would return to Malaysia. He has no wish to remain in U.K after my passing. From my will he will receive a sum relative to his wage in KL for each year and part year he is with me, in order for him to have a start back in Malaysia

Thank you.
You may sponsor your boyfriend for a fiancée visa if you both intend to get married in the UK within 6 months of him coming here.
Alternatively, he may apply for a visit visa for 6 months to come and visit you in the UK or he may simply jump on a plane and come to the UK and hope he is admitted here as Malaysians do not require visas for visits.
However, he will need to show that he will return back within 6 months.
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