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Disabled& uk pensnior can sponser overstay person in the

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Disabled& uk pensnior can sponser overstay person in the uk. I was a student came in uk 23 sep 2009 . Finished my study after two collage back listed . I done my study third collage health& social care level 3 after complete my study I applied Canada as a live in carer visa. After 14 month I got refual frim candian embassy they are not satisfied with my employer he effored my monthly salary . Because they take longe time during this period I am overstay here . One time u can,t summit my apication 2 different embassy . I wrote a letter ukba information center I am awaiting for my candian visa . I sm not working anywhere just wait my vise but they did,t response me. Now my uncle dusabled & pensnior I am look after him and stay with them he want to sponser me. We have not blood relationship . He is Sikh I am hindu . If this possible he can sponser me as a carer . Because I loik after him he gave me shelter or food . Please give me a redponse soon as possible
Thanks for your question.
Are you in a relationship with anybody and if so what is the immigration status in the united kingdom?
Kind regards.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
At the moment I am ovrrstay hereas I told you I applied Canada as a live in Carer visa unforunentely after 14 month I got refual . My uncle is here he supporting me I am just look after him because hei is disabled. Sorry I can, t spend more money because I am not doing work my uncle support me . My request is please answer soon as possible . And not take again money in my credit card I paid 26£ one time or not able to pay again . Even some website going to take monthly payment . I hav, t set any this type things . One thing I am waiting for my answer still I am not satisfied .
Thanks for your patience.
Unfortunately, there is no visa category for which you and your uncle would be able to use in order to get you a visa.
There is no UK equivalent of a carer visa that you applied for in Canada. The only way that a person who does not have access to considerable money can get a work-based visa is under the tier 2 sponsored skilled worker visa:-
Unfortuatnely, the employer must be a genuine employer (ie. not simply a family member in need, even though it's a terrible situation) and you must also be able to show that there are no would-be employees in the UK resident labour force who could do the job. In this case there would presumably be plenty of carers who could act as a carer for your uncle and therefore the application would not suceed.
On this basis I cannot see a way forward for you here, becuase the only family members who are eligible to apply on the basis of their relationship to someone in the UK are children, spouses and (in some circumstances only) parents.
I really am sorry but there is not a great deal that your uncle can do to help you in this situation.
I am happy to refer your account/subscription enquiry to the adminstrators once we are finsihed.
Kind regards.
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