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Hello, I have lived with my partner for 6 years in Dubai, UAE.

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Hello, I have lived with my partner for 6 years in Dubai, UAE. I am British and she is Thai.
We intend to marry in the UK in 2015 but will remain based in Dubai in the short-term (we have businesses here). However, we would like to use a UK sperm bank to start a family and eventually we'd all be UK based with me in and out of Dubai for business. No government funds/benefits would be needed. How do we go about getting married although we/I am not resident in the UK at present? We travelled together to the UK once for a holiday, whereby we also provided detailed info about the length/nature/authenticity of our relationship. Lisa
Hi Lisa,
Thanks for your patience.
If it is the case that you will enter the UK, marry and then leave fairly shortly after marriage to return to Dubai then your partner will need to apply for a Marriage Visitor's visa. The page on this is here:-
You will have to consult with a marriage registry here before you travel in order to either give or ensure you can give your notice of marriage when you come here. Try to detail it in correspondence so that you can use it as evidence of your intention to marry for the purpose of the marriage visa visa. If you can make bookings of marriage arrangements without incuring considerable expense before you apply for the visa then this is good evidence of your further intent to marry, ditto invitations to the ceremony.
In addition you will have to submit evidence of your relationship, so things like photos of the period of your relationship, correspondence, evidence of trips you have taken, evidence of shared accomodation/utility bill and basically anythinng in documentary form which corroborates the personal statements that you should both draft sertting out the chronology of your relationship and your intention to marry. On top of this you will have to submit all the usual things which prove your finances and also, in the case of your partner, her compelling social ties back to Dubai as evidence of the reasons for why she will return home after marriage and not be a risk of an overstay.
It's quite a bit more complicated that an simple visit visa application, which is likely what she applied for before in the case of the holiday that you refer to. So, you may consider instructing a solicitor based in the UK to prepare the application and supporting evidence on your behalf. The should charge in the region of £600-800 plus vat and given that it is plainly an important personal time for you both, you want to give yourself the best chance of an approval without complication. Instructing a solicitor is how you do this.
Kind regards
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks, ***** ***** is great - it explains our first step. How, then do we apply for her to settle so we can start a family in future? We don't know exactly at what point that would be, but certainly within 18 months. I understand the purpose of the marriage visa is to marry but not settle/stay in the UK which is what we would do, but not forever - we would want to change the status later on,

Thanks for your reply.
She will have to apply for a spouse visa. The webpage on this is here:-
It should be relatively straight forward to prove your relationship at that point because you will be married.
Note in particular that there is a financial requirement, which you must meet in order for her to be eligible to apply:-
It's quite complicated and you might have questions on it, but in summary if you have £62, 500.00 in cash savings which you have held for 6 months at the date that she applies then you will meet it.
If you do not have cash savings then you will have to rely on an element of income, which can be more complicated if you are outside the UK. I can advise further if you wish by getting some more information from you but I am now going out and probably won't be able to answer until 3pm bst.
Kind regards.
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