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Hello, is it possible to get some guidance on UK immigration

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Hello, is it possible to get some guidance on UK immigration law?
Hi welcome to just answer. Can you tell me what you wish to know?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello, myself, wife, and three children are US citizens in the UK now.

We first entered the country on 16-Aug and were planning to stay for about 6 weeks. But we liked it and decided to extend. We are staying here until 16-Feb, 2015 (6 months from entry). I thought this is what was allowed under our general/tourist visa.

I have had to go back to the US alone a few times for business and personal reasons. When I re-entered the country again yesterday the officer at Heathrow was pretty critical of our situation and said I should not be allowed back into the country, but he did.

I have one final trip to the US planned for next week and return Dec 16th. I want to make sure I know what the rules are and that I can re-enter the country then.


Hi you are allowed to stay in the UK for up to 6 months as a visitor but you are not permitted to work and you are expected to leave at the end of the visit. It is likely that they think you are not a genuine visitor and are living here or planning to live here and are not genuine visitors. it is a bit unusual for a family to stay as visitors for 6 months. So i expect they are suspiscious.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, thanks.

We do plan to leave at the end of the visit (have flights booked).

What do they mean by work? I am still employed in the US (I own the business) and am emailing and having videoconf meetings with my office back in the states. But I am not collecting any wages from a UK company.

We would like to spend more time here and are probably going to apply for T1 Entrepreneur visa after I get back to the US.

My main concerns are being able to re-enter the country and re-join my family, and keeping good relations with the authorities.

Given all of this, is it reasonable for me to expect to leave and come back to the UK during this six months?

If you are running your business from here then they may consider it working but they should not as you are apparently not employed here or trading here. However when you leave your permission automatically terminates so depending upon your visa strictly you should apply for a new one. If you leave you need to make it clear that you are here on an extended holiday and nothing else and you can maintain yourself indefinitely without working. Frankly i would advice you not to leave until you are ready to go home. if you are refused entry it will clearly cause an issue and may not assist a subsequent visa application. Apart from the fact that you may be unable to rejoin your family.
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