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Category: Immigration Law
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My partner is lebanese and we applied sex marriage

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My partner is lebanese and we applied for same sex marriage settlement visa. Last week we received the result but we were rejected due to my partner failing to prove his English Language proficiency. His studies at university were in English and he has a CELTA certificate so he is an English teacher. He only submitted photocopies of the certificate and university transcripts. The second rejection point was due to not being able to prove that the house we will live belongs to my mother. We can appeal but I am confused by the options. What should we do next? His university is going to provided proof of his classes taught in English. Do I need to get this notarised? What can i give as proof the house is my mum's? And how do we appeal? Do I need a lawyer or can we just do it on out own?
You need notarised copies of his English certificates from the university and a notarised copy of your mother's title to the house or a certified copy from the Land Registry.
Any appeal should be made through an experienced lawyer. The cost will be worth it.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks. How does he get certificates notarised? Is it a stamp from the university or does it need to go to a solicitor? The certificates have been stamped and signed as certified copies by the university. He just submitted photocopies in the application and not the stamped originals. I can get something from my mum's solicitor regarding the house as she has the original deeds stored at her office.

If the university has stamped these as certified copies then those would normally do but photocopies of them would have to be notarised. So he should use the certified copies but if he uses photocopies instead he should get these notarised via a solicitor.
I hope this helps. I see you left a bad service rating. I presume that this was in error and would ask you to leave a positive rating.
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