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If you are a British citizen and your husband is a student

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If you are a British citizen and your husband is a student in the UK on a tier 4 general study visa, how can you go about getting him to stay in the UK, if neither of you have a job? Are there any financial requirements you need to show? I have read that there is £62,500 that needs to be shown in the bank. Can this be a gift from someone? Or does it need to be your own money? I am a British born citizen and my husband is Pakistani and a student here in the UK. We are married and have proof of religious marriage but have not yet registered the marriage in the UK. He has a student visa but is not allowed to work as it is a private funded college he is at. He does not want me to work for religious reasons. Please tell me how we could apply for his stay in the UK and what the financial requirements would be and possibiilities of meeting these requirements. Thanks.
Also, if we are to register our marriage in the UK, and then he is to apply for a partner of a settled person visa, does we have to show proof of £18,600 upon application? Or is that only after 5 years when you want to apply for the actual settlement? Also does it need to be HIM earning the salary or ME.
You need to have the £63,500 in your bank account or his bank account or in a joint bank account for at least 6 months. So you can be gifted the money by someone and keep it in your bank account for 6 months minimum.
Otherwise you need to show that you are earning at least £18600 per annum.
It does not matter who is earning the money, it can be you or him.
The money needs to be shown at the point of application for leave to remain as your partner, spouse and the extension of leave to remain after 2.5 years of him obtaining the initial leave to remain as your spouse.
May I help further?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi, you said 63,500 is it not 62,500? Thank you very much for your help
It has gone up to £63500 now.
All the best
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