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I have requested curtailment team on 5/5/2015 by letter to

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I have requested curtailment team on 5/5/2015 by letter to curtail my wifes visa as we are seprated now and she is already back home . But her visa (BRP) is valid for next 2 years . I wonder when i will be informed by curtailment team about any action taken by them. It appears that the curtailment team has not informed her also , although i have provided her postal address and telephone number in Pakistan . Please also advise if i can visit their office to pursue and know the statis of my case . I requested to curtailment team in my letter that i be informed about any action taken by them.
Thanks for your patience.
Do you mean that your wife is in Pakistan now and has been since you advised them of the breakdown in your marriage?
Did you inform them by letter of the separation and also prove your identity?
Kind regards
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I provided them all the information i thought was neccessary. For your information I am attaching herewith both the letters i sent to the Manchester curtailment team. As you can see information about mine and her BRPs, Home office refrence no, as well as her present postal address in Pakistan with telephone number was provided. I don't understand what is meant by seperation letter. No such letter was written by me or her. To make things a bit more clear I am giving hereunder some background ofthe case. I am a tier2 immigrant working as Senior Programmer with United Whole groccers.... since. I was married in september 2013. The marriage was arranged by my parents in pakistan. I had not spent Much time with my wife prior to our marriage and agreed to marry her believing in thewisdoom of my elders. A week after our marriage I had to come to my job in UK, while she waited for her visa to join me. She came to UK on July 11, 2014. From the very beginning it became evident that it was very difficult for us lto adjust in the married life. There was no domestic voilance, but there was no co ordial relationship. We were married under Muslim family laws and divorce would also be under these laws as in vogue in Pakistan. I intended to go to Pakistan for divorcing her. But it depends when I can get holidays from work. Meanwhile I thought it better to get her BRP cacelled, for which I have the right as sponsor. As i would not be supporting her financially or otherwise in cases she comes to UK she may find some work on the basis of BRP which I think is illegal or would have to recouse to public funds. I sent the following letters to curtailment team : Dated: 14-Apr-15 Manchester Curtailment Team 4-M Building, Concord Offices Manchester Airport Manchester, M90 3RR To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir / Madam, Apropos Home Office Reference NOs:###-##-####and###-##-#### ***** is to inform that my relationship with my spouse Fatima XXXX has come to an end and we are separated. She has left UK for Pakistan on 08-Mar-15 I do not want to live with her anymore and would divorce her, when I go to Pakistan in May or Jun 2015. My particulars are as given below: - Name: Yaser XXX XXXXX - Date of Birth:XX- XXX -XXXX - Address: XXXX XX. X/X, XX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX - Passport No:XXXXXXXXX - Biometric Residential Permit No. RD8257694 Particulars of Fatima XXXX: - Name: Fatima XXXX - Date of Birth: XX-XXX-XXXX - Passport No:XXXXXXXXX - Biometric Residential Permit No: RDX257623 - Address: Askari-4 House 5C Rawalpindi Pakistan (Phone: +XXXXXXXXXXX) Once again I want to make it clear that I will not be responsible for any liability, if she enters UK on her present Visa (Biometrics Residential Permit). I May please be informed of any action taken on your side. Yours faithfully, Yaser XXX XXXXX Resent this as well : Dated: May 04, 2015 Manchester Curtailment Team. P.O. Box 99 Manchester, M90 3WW. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN Subject: Resend of a request for cancellation of biometric residential permit of Fatima Ijaz. Dear Sir/ Madam, On 15th April 2015 I sent you a letter requesting you to cancel the Biometric Residential Permit of Fatima XXXX, issued on my sponsorship ( Copy of the letter attached for reference ). In this letter I also requested you to keep me informed of any action taken on my request. Your response is still awaited. I am afraid that you might have not received my letter as it was posted to a different mailing address i.e. Manchester Curtailment Team 4-M Building, Concord Offices Manchester Airport, M90 3RR. This address was provided to me by UKBA call center team and is different from that given in the Guide Lines for UK Visa published by UK Border Agency. Kindly note my request for immediate action. If the action has already been taken I may be informed about it. Yours faithfully, Yaser XXX XXXXX (XXXXXXXXXXX) .

Thank you for your question and patience, I’m Tom and I’ll try to help you.
The two letters that you have sent have enough detail in them so that they will be able to identify he and curtail her visa.
However, although they can be reasonably efficient in actually curtailing someone’s visa they are often not that quick at actually informing the sponsor, you in this case.
My guess is that they have probably already taken curtailment action in respect of her visa but that they have not actually advised you of it.
Unfortunately, there is no facility to speed up the process (beyond writing letters impressing the urgency of the situation) and it would certainly be pointless attending their offices without an invite for an appointment from them.
I would write a further letter enclosing copies of your earlier correspondence and copy in both the address that you have got from the guidance notes and also the address you were given over the phone.
It’s probable that her visa has been curtailed and that she would be refused entry though.
My goal is to provide you with a good service. If you feel you have received anything less, please reply back as I am happy to address follow-up issues specifically relating to your question.
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Will my wife would be informed about curtailment , and i dont know why my bank declined your payment
Yes, she will be informed by them writing the address they have for her or the one that you have given her..
Kind regards,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Please advise if you have drafted the letters , you have mentioned in your reply
I cannot draft letters for you because that would be specific advice which I cannot give, this site is for general questions and answers only.
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