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Thanks update and that's what even I

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Thanks for the update and that's what even I believed should be the case.
However the confusion started when I looked up the University website for some clarifcations that I came across the following ...please open link and read
also I am pasting the para of concern in Univ of Warwick website incase the link does not work
I am planning to leave the UK after I have finished my course but before I have attended my graduation ceremony. Am I allowed to re-enter the UK using my Tier 4 student visa (if it is still valid) to attend my graduation ceremony?
In order to enter the UK using your student visa, you must still meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules for student visas. Students whose studies have ended and who do not intend to take another course when they return to the UK will have difficulties showing that they still meet the requirements of the Immigration Rules for students. If a border force officer considers that your circumstances have changed or that you are attempting to re-enter for a purpose other than that for which your leave was granted, your immigration permission can be cancelled and you can be required to leave the UK or, if you are a non-visa national, you can be granted leave to enter as a visitor instead.
We would recommend that if you are leaving the UK and intending to return for the purpose of just attending your graduation ceremony, you obtain aGeneral Visitor Visa to do this to avoid any risk in being refused entry to the UK. You should be aware that it is not possible to switch from a visitor visa to another visa category within the UK and this may therefore impact your decision whether to leave the UK before graduation or not.
We are aware that recently, some students have got in touch with the UKVI International Enquiry Service or their local British Embassy with the same question, and some of them have been advised that they can return to the UK to attend Graduation Ceremony using their current Tier 4 visa, as long as the University has not withdrawn their CAS, and that they bring (in their hand luggage) 1) evidence that they have been studying (e.g., a Student Status Letter); 2) evidence of return ticket leaving the UK and 3) evidence that they will be attending the Graduation Ceremony (e.g., a print-out of the confirmation email from the Awards & Ceremony team). We would also advise that you bring a print-out of the email from the UKVI/ Embassy which contains such advice. These should mitigate the risk of you being refused entry as we highlighted above. You should avoid mention of work, if at all possible without being dishonest, as this often raises doubts in a border force officer's mind about your real reasons for re-entering the UK.
Please go through the same and do a further check with the Border rules on their Home web site
Awaiting your reply basis more detailing
Neera Malik
Your daughter will be re-entering the UK before she has graduated so she may ask her university to provide a letter confirming her graduation date so that she should not have a problem re entering the UK for a study related reason.
All the best
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi Thanks for your updates

Kindly confirm if the premium service @ 400 gbp is available to ppl who are converting from Tier 4 Student (degree holder) to Tier2 Work Visa (sponsored by KPMG ) .

Also confirm the advantage of the premium service for visa conversion

Yes, confirmed.
Premium service has the advantage of one day decision on the visa.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi thanks for the confirmation

At the Border , at the time of entry into UK from Greece, should my daughter carry her offer letter from KPMG and show it to the Border officer incase he/she acts awkward and wants to cancel her tier 4 student visa and issue her a temp visit visa for the graduation ceremony .Should she declare her offer from KPMG .

And she cannot afford to have her student tier 4 cancelled cause KPMG is going to convert her tier4 to tier 2 in UK itself after her graduation ceremony.

pl advise if its a good idea to talk about a confirmed job offer at the border

thanks and regards

She should not discuss the job offer. She should carry proof of her graduation date.