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My stepdaughter (aged 18) travelled to Crimea to visit her

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My stepdaughter (aged 18) travelled to Crimea to visit her mother on 25 July 2015. She was born in Crimea, Ukraine, however with the recent takeover of Crimea by Russian Federation, she was placed in an awkward situation. She has an Indefinite Leave to Remain in an old Ukrainian passport that she usually travels in and out of the UK with. She was forced to apply for a Russian passport at the beginning of this year when her Ukrainian one expired. Now she is not able to return to the UK (stopped by British Airways from getting on the plane in Moscow). I have enquired to the Immigration Dept in the UK and have been advised that she could make a 'Returning Resident' application for £325! They have also suggested that they will check if there is another way she can return. My stepdaughter did not cause the problem of having passports to two different countries. This was beyond her control. There is already the loss of the return ticket fare, the cost of staying in a hotel near the airport and further flight costs. I really don't see why there should be this suggestion by the Immigration people for further expenditure if this is not necessary. Please could we be advised if there is any other quicker, cheaper way for her to get back to the UK.
If she has indefinite leave to remain, she should be allowed back in the UK using her expired Ukrainian passport and new Russian passport.
She does not need a Returning Resident visa as she has not lost her indefinite leave to remain status as she has on ly been out of the UK for over a month.
She needs to convince the airline to allow her to board the plane back to the UK and if need be, the matter should be escalated to BA management here in the UK.
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Yes, you may try another airline.
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