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I have a friend that is on a relationship with an Indonesian

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i have a friend that is on a relationship with an Indonesian lady that he just discover that she is illegal in uk. is there a way for them 2 to get married as they do love each other and want to be together?
Has she applied to stay in the UK?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

no as she haven't got visa for over a year now, but my friend just find out.

Well the starting point is that she is going to have to make an application to the Home Office to try and remain in the country; and sort out the visa as a matter of urgency.As to marriage they will not be able to give a notice of marriage unless one of the following is true:She has an entry clearance or visa granted expressly for the purpose of marriage in the UKShe has a certificate of approval from the UK Border Agency department of the Home OfficeThey are getting married in the Anglican church in England and WalesShe has settled status in the UKThey can still apply for a certificate of approval, but the Home Office will write you a letter requesting further detailed information. This information will be required to prove that your marriage is genuine and not one of convenience. Happy to discuss, but please remember to rate positively first - thanks
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

if she apply to remain in UK is there an option to denied as she is illegal for a year?

also, as you mentioned above, one of the following is true:

so that means if is an Anglican Church can she get married and also remain? or needs first to have visa from the immigration ?

what means settle status in the uk?

sorry for all those questions.

My pleasure, but can you please remember to rate positively. I am afraid that there is a chance that she will be denied status on the fact that you is illegal. That is why such an application should be made sooner rather than later explaining the position. The Anglian church will allow her to get married but does have the power to grant immigration status. Settled status basically mean someone with indefinite leave to remain. I hope that this helps - happy still to discuss but please rate positively
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

so, to summarize:

she needs to do the application explaining that her reason been remaining to uk illegally was from love and ask for a visa - settle in uk.

as her boyfriend is european, he can be the one to guarantee for her as to settle in uk?

Yes she will have to make an immigration application as a matter of urgency
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


How is called this application, and where can I download it from? Have you got the link for the right application to download?

Thank you

to ensure that this is undertaken with as little trouble as possible.