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JGM, Solicitor
Category: Immigration Law
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My wife and her two children have just been refused a visa. The refusal seems mostly to do

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my wife and her two children have just been refused a visa. The refusal seems mostly to do with the financial documents submitted, as I am in the UK and she in Mauritius they were copies not originals. Also we did not supply enough records of correspondance.
If I supply the originals and extra information they are requesting is it likely they will they grant the visa?
What are the specific reasons given for the refusal?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
pdf file attached regarding my wife's refusal. I have asked her to send the two others as well. She has told me they are the same reasons just the reference number is *****
We sent photos from January 2015 (Mauritius), April 2015 (UK) and August 2015 (Mauritius) with the application. They have only mentioned the wedding ones. We also sent two pages of emails, the last one (until August 15 2015, NOT Sept 15 as they stated) and the first correspondance (starting August 2014). We did not send every page (23 in total) as we had problems printing them off. I have now resolved this and can provide every page. We also chat on Skype and Viber. Although my tablet and phone show the records I do not know how they can be printed off.
Regarding point two. I provided copies of payslips. I can provide the originals, plus 2014/15 P60 and can obtain a letter from my company. I did not see any reference to that on the list of documents to be provided.
Bank statement. I missed the part about the stamp on every page. I can go back to my bank and arrange for this.
The last part is more of a problem. It was added in the notes that the house is in the process of being registered in my name so I could not provide land registry details. I did supply letters from utility companies, HMRC tax coding and Council Tax Bill, this stating I am eligible for single occupancy discount. The form was also filled in stating three bedrooms and one other room (excuding kitchen and bathroom) They seem to have totally ignored these. I am not sure how to prove the details to their satisfaction.
We are also concerned that their guidance notes state that if any documents are missing they will contact by email either my wife or me. If they had done this we could have complied with any request for documents and sent them by courier. Also there was no mention of any unsatisfactory supporting documents when my wife went for her interview with Teleperformance in Mauritius. They just seem to have put all the documents in a bag and sent them to Pretoria without even looking at them. The only correspondance we received was three emails (one for each of them) on Tues 8th saying a decision has been made. Emails and telephone calls could not elicit any further information from the Immigration Service in South Africa. My wife received a call from Fed Ex on Saturday morning stating the documents would be delivered. It was not until she received the documents did she discover the outcome.
Yes, if you put the full package of documents with your appeal, from what you say you have enough to satisfy the detrimental issues mentioned in the decision notice.
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