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Category: Immigration Law
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Good Morning /Madam I have finished Master in Drug

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Good Morning Dear Sir/Madam
I have finished Master in Drug chemistry in September 2014-2015 in Newcastle University in the United kingdom .More,I have family (my wife and two sons).When , I finished my master one month ago,I decided to return to my country(Iraq/Kurdistan Region) to live with my relatives..Unfortunately,after two weeks of my return.The political issue between political parties in Kurdistan raised.People in my city demonstrated against bad situation in my city.Unfortunately,one of my cousin( he was a teacher),and another child 12 years old.They were killed in demonstration.Now,my life and life of my family unsafe,and I want to return to United kingdom to live in UK.My question is,Could I ask U.K government to permit me to live in UK When I return to UK for my congregation ceremony or I want to return to UK and live in U.K legally . With my best regards ***** *****
Ali R.M
**My email is***@******.***
Hi Thanks for your patience. Do you consider that you and your family are part of a political class of people which is at risk of persecution in your home country as a result of the unrest? Kind regards Tom
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I hope you be well in your life.My place and my life is not safe.If they are safe.I did not send you email , and did not disturb you.Please,try to find answer to my essential question(How could I live in UK in legal way with my family?).With my best regards ***** *****
yours/Ali R.M.
Hi Thanks for your patience. In order to apply for asylum in the United Kingdom you must claim asylum in the UK and show that the is a genuine risk that you would be persecuted in your home country because of your membership of a certain group. This group can for example be a political class of opinion which people in your home country are persecuted for. The relevant government page on claiming Asylum is here and you will see there is information about this here: If you consider that you will not be able to prove the eligibility criteria in order to claim asylum then you would have to consider whether there is another eligible category that you could apply for. If you do not have access to considerable funds for investment in UK business then the most likely category that you could apply for would be a tier 2 General visa. You will see the eligibility criteria is on the following page and that you would need to obtain a job offer from a employer in the United Kingdom who would sponsor you for this Visa: Kind regards Tom