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I am a US citizen but have lived in the UK continuously since

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I am a US citizen but have lived in the UK continuously since 1960. I have permanent leave to remain.
I am now concerned about the new US taxes.
I am told that getting British citizenship takes six months. I have six children and thirteen grandchildren, all living in London and all with British passports. I have often thought of becoming British,but there has never been a reason to get around to it.
My US passport expires in three months.
I gather that it takes six months to acquire British nationality.
If I do not renew my US passport will my leave to remain in the UK lapse?
I am told that it wold cost £1-2000 to get the tax returns the US authorities want. I cannot afford that I am 80 and not at all well off. Please advise.***@******.***
Your indefinite leave to remain status is not affected if your US passport expires. However, you will remain subject to US tax law unless you revoke your US citizenship.
I would suggest that you apply straight away for naturalisation as a UK citizen and consider renouncing your US citizenship once your UK citizenship is approved. In the meantime, you may consider asking a US tax adviser about the implications for not complying with US tax law as a non US resident who may renounce his US citizenship.
All the best
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
That was most helpful. Thank you.
Now: What if I do not renew my US citizenship and do not renounce my US citizenship? My worry is that if I attempt to do so they will still chase me for 5 years of tax returns which I am told will cost £1-2000 per year, money I do not have and do not know where to find. (Once again, I am 80 and impecunious.) I have ben told (not by an expert) that the alternative is not to renew my US passport and then, as it were, drop from sight. Is this unwise, or do people do it all the time and succeed? Would having no US passport, i.e., being stateless (?) endanger my UK citizenship application? My US passport expires in March, and I gather tat it takes up to six months for my UK citizenship to me acted upon - a three month gap.
I am afraid that question is on US tax law and you need to ask a US tax adviser. However, not renewing a US passport does not mean you lose your US citizenship and as a US citizen, you would be obliged to comply with US tax laws. Whether or not the IRS catch up with you is another matter, but your obligations remain the same, just as jumping a red light is an offence for which you may or may not be caught.