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Waleed Hassan
Waleed Hassan, Immigration Solicitor
Category: Immigration Law
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Experience:  I have extensive knowledge in Immigration, Nationality and Asylum law and have had conducted in lead cases.
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There, My friend has lost his passport with his ILR stamp.

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Hi there,
My friend has lost his passport with his ILR stamp. The thing is he is lost it more than 8 years ago and he has never reported lost! That passport is now expired too and he is now in a situation where:
1- He is scared to report it lost now in case he gets in trouble for not reporting it lost before.
2-We checked online how to get a new one (it's a nigerian passport) and the problem is he would be asked to go to Lagos (Nigeria) to apply for the new one because the e-passports are only issued in there.
He is been living here since he is 18 months old and he is now 36. All his family lives here too (parents,brother and daughter). They all got their British citinzeship now. He never got it yet because he had some problems with the law in 2004 and he was advised to wait 15 years before applying for the citizenship.
We don't know where to start to solve this mess! He has 2 of his old passports (when he was a child) and one of them show the stamp to stay for an indifinitive period dated on 1992 but he has no other valid photo ID as driving licence or anything else.
He wants to get married now and he has no valid ID to prove his immigration status.
What is the next step for him to solve this? Could he apply for a BRP card? If so, how can he do this with no valid ID? Please help
Thank you for your query.Your friend should report the matter to the police to obtain a reference number. He should not get in trouble for this as it is a standard procedure. He will require this police reference for his NTL application and possibly may need it in Lagos.The application your friend needs to make is an NTL application and if approved, he will be given a BRP card: He will need to explain in the application why he does not have his passport i.e. it is lost, and that in order to apply for a new Nigerian passport he needs to travel to Nigeria.Once he gets his BRP card, he can apply for a travel document see: approved he can go to Nigeria and get his Nigerian Passport.I hope that I have dealt with your query.Please do rate my answer. RegardsWaleed Hassan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank your for your answer, Waleed. In this application for the NTL it says he should provide his actual passport number (That he does not have) and also a copy of it. Do you think that,if by sending the 2 old passports and explaining he doesn't have his passport number because he is lost it, his application could still be successful. Thank you
Thank you query.I would suggest that you provide as much information and evidence as you can so that you can assist the Home Office in issuing the BRP card. It is advisable that you provide an explanation when you submit the application to the Home office about the fact that your friend lost his passport. Thank you and all the best for the future.
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