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I am EU citizen living in UK years. I have

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I am EU citizen living in UK for 8 years. I have decided to apply for permanent residence. I have read the application but I have few question that I would like you to help me with:
1. Date you first entered the UK- I came to UK for a first time to visit my boyfrient in July 2007 and stayed for 4 monts but then came back to Poland. Then i came to visit him again in Dec 2007 just for few days. I came back to Uk in Feb 2008 and lived here since then. What actual date shall I enter?
2. Absense from UK- do I need to list all my holidays taken since the day I came to UK of last 6 years will be enough
3.I have been issued with WRS card/ cartificate is this treated as document called Registration Certificate for application purposes?
4. Section about my activities in UK- do i need to list all my activities since the day I came to UK of last 6 years will be suffient. For 2 first years I was living with my boyfriend and doing some courses but since Feb 2010 i have been always working so is this ok if I list my activities since this date?
5. is this ok if I submit documments such as payslips, P60, bank statements, ulitilty bills, WRS card (issied in 2010) since 2010? Do I need to submit all the payslips? i think I have few missing (2-3 in a year), I have all P60 and bank statements to prove that my salary was transfered to my acccount.
6. I was going to submit all documents since 2010 but as according to the rules I need to prove that i lived in UK contantly for 5 years, shall I still submit 6 years period or start from Jan 2011 to March 2016?
I would appreciate your help
HelloThank you for your enquiry You should enter the date you first arrived into the UK but you should also explain your travel history in a covering letter or where the application provides the space for additional information. You would need to put in all your absences from the UK in the last 5 years including holidays. The WRS is not the same as a registration certificate. You are required to list all your activities since arriving into the UK. You should submit bills, WRS, P60s payslips, bank statements etc You should submit at least 2 supporting documents per year for the last 5 years. If you have 6 years worth then there is no harm in submitting supporting documents from then. **********************************************************************This is a simple question and answer platform. Answers expressed by the author in this platform are solely base upon the information provided by you. Under no circumstances should answers be relied up as immigration advice. Please note that the author accepts no responsibility for any reliance and it is your responsibility to seek independent legal advice before making any immigration application.
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello,Many thanks for your response, your comments are very helpful.
I have just remembered that I briefly worked 3 weeks in Mid Jan- early Feb 2010, I was waiting for my employer to give me a letter confirming my employment to send to HO to apply for WRS card but I left before they issued it so I never applied for WRS card for this job. I started a second job from 15th of February 2010 and then applied and received WRS card/certificate for this second job and worked for the same employer until Sept 2011 when WRS was abolished. Do you think that this would be an issue that I do not have a WRS card for this first job.Many thanks for your answer
The Home Office will normally consider the relevant period to start from when you had the WRS card.