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I am EU citizen living in the UK years. I am in

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I am EU citizen living in the UK for 8 years. I am in progress of applying for permanent residence with EEA PR form.I have few questions:1. I arrived to the UK in July 2007 to visit my boyfriend. I stayed for 4 months an them came back to Poland. I came back to the UK in February 2008. Until March 2009 I was living with my partner and staying at home and studying part time. Does it mean that I was self-sufficient? I had my own savings and my partner took care for the bills. Since then we split up and I do not have any contact with him.
2. Before I came to the UK for a first time I had EHIC card that I got issued in Poland. It was valid from July 2007 when I arrived to the UK but I have since lost this card and I do not remember what period it was valid until, I was a student in Poland so I think it was valid for 3 years but I cannot really recall it. There is a question in the form asking to put start date and expiry date of this card but as don’t remember it what shall I put? Could you please suggest? Possibly that in some period when I was self-sufficient, I was in the UK without valid EHIC card, I did not have other health insurance, If I needed to see a doctor I went to private clinics and paid for a service. Will this affect application? From April 2009 I was self-employed and paid my NIN contributions.
3. I was an employee for 3 weeks in the company but I left before they gave me employment confirming letter so I did not have a time to apply for WRS card. I left on 14th of Feb 2010 and started a new job from 15th of Feb 2010, I applied for WRS card within a month and received it around 27th of March 2010, I worked for this employed until Sept 2011 when WRS was abolished. Could you please let me know if my application can be affected by the fact that I did not registered with WRS for this first employment? I have been working without any longer breaks ( only 2 weeks break between employments) and I am still working at present. From what date HO will start counting my residence in the UK?I would appreciate if you could advise me regarding my questions.Many thanks
HelloThank you for your enquiry. The EHIC issued in Poland can only be used temporarily in the UK. If you remained in the UK as a student or self-sufficient person and did not obtain comprehensive sickness insurance, you would not be able to use the period you were a student or self-sufficient towards the 5 year relevant period. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what date to put in your form. To apply for permanent residence the relevant period of 5 years should start from when you had WRS. After the WRS was abolished you will need to show you have been working in the UK for 5 years. **********************************************************************This is a simple question and answer platform. Answers expressed by the author in this platform are solely base upon the information provided by you. Under no circumstances should answers be relied up as immigration advice. Please note that the author accepts no responsibility for any reliance and it is your responsibility to seek independent legal advice before making any immigration application.
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