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I am an EU citizen and have been living continuously in the

Customer Question

I am an EU citizen and have been living continuously in the UK since Nov 2009. I was employed full time for 3 years, until Nov 2012, then was self sufficient (student) by May 2014 and have been employed since then, again. Unfortunately, the private comprehensive sickness insurance (CSI) requirement for the permanent residency time calculation was missed and I have relied on NHS cover between Nov 2012 - May 2014 as my NHS registration was continued naturally.
Is it sufficient of having a total of 5 years of full employment by this May for eligibility of permanent residence or does the break above mean a complete re-start in the 5 year eligibility time calculation (from May 2014)?
If this means a break, is there any provision to substitute the lack of CSI coverage retrospectively for the purpose of permanent residency time calculation? e.g. payment of NI contribution for Nov 2012 - May 2014.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 1 year ago.
HelloThank you for your enquiry.If you did not have CSI between Nov 2012 - May 2014 this period will be discounted. If you have had continuous residence in the UK since 2009 and you can provide sufficient evidence to trace back a five year period you may wish to consider making the relevant application.There is no provision as far as I am aware for a retrospective CSI coverage.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for your response. So do you suggest that demonstrating a continuous residence from Nov 2009 - May 2016 (present), employed Nov 2009 - Nov 2012, self sufficient Nov 2012 - May 2014 with no CSI, May 2014 - present will fulfil the permanent residency requirements ?