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I am an EUROPEAN CITIZEN living in the UK then 5 year's..Can

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I am an EUROPEAN CITIZEN living in the UK for more then 5 year's..Can my Spouse (Fiancé) be my sponsor if I apply for permanent residence?


Thank you for your enquiry.

If you are a European Citizen and have been exercising treaty rights as a qualified person for 5 years or more, the concept of a sponsor does not apply to you in an application for a document certifying permanent residence.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
in this latest 85 page's application for permanent residence, I don't need to put any of details of my Spouse, as I am a EU citizen (Romanian) .Then why they still asked for it? I am confused between the answer you have provided me and the whole permanent residence aplication. Also , I don't understand the meaning of "been exercising treaty rights as a qualified person "? Can you give me a more explicit answer please?
Kind regards


What I am saying is that your non-EEA spouse cannot be your sponsor as you are the EEA national. You can include your spouse in your application if they also qualify for permanent residence.

The concept of a sponsor originates from UK domestic immigration rules and not EEA regulations. EEA applications refer to a sponsor where a non-family member is deriving a right of residence in the UK from their EEA national. If you are confused about the application process you should seek independent immigration advice.

To qualify for permanent residence you must show that during the 5 year continuous residence period you have been either a student, a worker, a self employed person or a self-sufficient person.

The application may very well ask for your spouse's detail but your spouse cannot be your sponsor. You need to read the guidelines before filling the form.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Right,now I understand better and also I can qualify for all the underlined subject's you have mentioned. Also my Spouse is a born UK citizen leaving in the UK since birth...If, and after I also completed my self the 85 page's permanent residence aplication I need or seek more advice can I get in contact directly to your order your company? Also I would like to know a list of prices you charge for such a aplication. Thank you. ***** *****

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