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Clare, Solicitor
Category: Immigration Law
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I was bitten badly by my husband and my health visitors were

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Hi i was bitten badly by my husband and my health visitors were the witness of my brushes.this incident took place long back in 2014 just a month after my daughter was born.Can they be a witness to my domestic abuse.My husband has also written a letter to my father stating that if my mother holds his mothers leg then he will not beat me anymore.He has also signed in that letter.This letter was given to my father while he was in uk for 6moth in visit visa .My father went back to india this year february.Can i produce a scan copy of that letter as an evidence of domestic violence. My mom has also some audio recording in which she has recorded all there discussions while they were in my in laws home in india for fulfilling my husbands demand of my parents holding his moms foot and saying sorry.Can i show that in court as an evidence.I too have some voice recording of my husband misbehaving with father and saying a statement that if i wish to live happily i must forcefully keep relation with my mother in law and sister in law in-spite of how they treat me or else i will be punished.Placed let me know which one among these proves is still a valid prove of me being abused all these days.

The health visitor record and the copy letter should be fine


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