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I am an Italian national applying permanent residency having

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i am an Italian national applying for a permanent residency having lived in UK since 1995, what do I need to support my answer to section 5.3 (i have my old passport from 2005 and current passport)?
My wife is an Italian national and has been living in the UK since September 2007 (she does not work), should she apply as a dependant (does that mean I am her sponsor) or independently? do we use separate forms?


I am just querying whether you reference to qu 5.3 is correct. Can you please confirm the form that you are completing?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
it is "Application for a document certifying permanent residence or permanent residence card under the EEA regulations (Last updated on 18 March 2016). i am referring to question 5.3 in part A (Residence in the UK"of Section 5 (Residence in the UK and previous EEA documentation)


Thanks. Drafting your answer now. 5 mins please.



Thanks for your question. I will try to help.

Obviously, you just need to insert the dates which you were absence from the UK (as far as you can recall) from when you entered the UK, using a continuation sheet if necessary.

The most important thing is to give as much details as possible about the previous 5 years.

If you have stamps in your passport from times you have left the UK and entered other countries then you should write a letter/statement referring to these and giving a chronology/timeline for your times outside the UK.

If you cannot precisely recall the specific dates of times that you were outside the UK then you should state why you cannot do this (perhaps it was a long time ago and there are no stamps in your passport). If you cannot recall the specific dates then you should give approximate times/dates and state the maximum amount of time that you were actually outside the UK for.

If you do have any documentary evidence (eg flight bookings, hotel bookings etc) for times that you were outside the UK then you should submit these as well.

Your wife is of course also an eea national and should complete her own form for PR. However, your respective statements and forms should refer to your marriage and you should submit them at the same time together

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Kind regards,


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
tx, what about my question if i am sponsor for my wife application?


You do not have a sponsor because you are a European Economic national. The situation is the same for your wife.

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