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I am an Italian Citizen resident in Zambia. My son Paolo is

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I am an Italian Citizen resident in Zambia.
My son Paolo is 17 year old Born on 30/7/1999 and is also an Italian Citizen (Passport Holder) and has lived in Zambia with us since birth.
In September 2015 he joined Hartpury College in Gloucester UK to study and he completed his first year A’Levels.
He returned home on the 30th June this year for his summer break and end of year.
He will be returning in the UK back to school in September this year for another year. Following that he will attend a 3 year BSC in Sport coaching and management.
I would like to know how can he apply for residency, to obtain NHS Number/UK Residency and eventually to qualify as a Local UK Student instead of an International Student status?
We have family (Aunt) in the UK (British Citizens) is this something that can help and contribute to facilitate the request? If so what is required?
My Son will come home for the holidays but will spend more than 6 months at any time in the UK.
By obtaining the above status request what will be his benefits? Can he apply for student aid (loan on study fees) ? Have the same rights of a UK citizen/resident?
Please advise on the above and the due process.
Your soonest response will be appreciated.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
It has been 1 hour since my question.
Kindly advise on the answer.
Thank you
Patrizio Urzi


Thanks for your patience.

As an eea national your son would only qualify for permanent resident wants he has lived in United Kingdom for 5 years exercising his treaty rights.

This means that he will be eligible to apply for permanent residence after 5 years studying in the United Kingdom provided that he has spent most of his time here.

If he commenced his studies in September last year and will return in September this year then he would have to complete his three year course studying and then staying for an extra year either studying some further course which lasts for 1 year or 2 work for a year. This is because you must reach 5 years residence in the United Kingdom and once he has he can apply for permanent residence sing the following link:

As to paying home (non foreign) fees at the start of his course in September he would not be eligible because he has not spent 3 years resident in an EEA country for 3 years immediately before the start of the course and because he has not done this he would not qualify at the moment but may qualify for reduced fees in the final year of his course since he would reach 3 years residence in the United Kingdom.

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Kind regards


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