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If I bring my wife on a tier 2 visa for 2 years and after 2

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If I bring my wife on a tier 2 visa for 2 years and after 2 months I change my sponsor both are the NHS(so I change my visa to another tier 2 visa for 3 years). Do I have to change her visa again now to be like my new one or can I change hers later after she finishes the 2 years on her visa rather than paying more money again?
Thank you


Thank you for your enquiry

If your wife is a dependant on your Tier 2 visa any changes you make such as applying for a new Tier 2 visa will affect her previous dependent visa and you will have to include her in your new Tier 2 visa.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Even if both my Tier 2 visas are under the NHS!
Are you sure about that.
My friend told me that he called the home border agency and they told him he doesn't need to change it in that case.
Could you please check again and tell me as this will cost me a lot of money as I will have to reapply for my wife and 2 kids.
Thank you


I am not sure why your friend would be making enquiries about your immigration visa to the Home Office and not yourself making the enquiries. If your employers are both under the NHS, why then are you required to make a new Tier 2 visa application? Your wife is a dependant on your previous visa. If your previous visa becomes invalid or expires all dependents on that visa by common sense becomes invalid.

You should seek legal advice from a Solicitor or an Immigration Lawyer as the answers given here are general answers and not legal advice that you can rely on. JustAnswer is not the appropriate place to seek legal advice.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He was enquiring as he was in the same situation. When we change hospitals although they are under the NHS but still we have to change the Tier 2 visa

Well the answer to your question is if your visa is changed it affects all dependents on the visa. You should seek legal advice.

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