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I am going to apply for uk spouse visa and I am scared its

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I am going to apply for uk spouse visa and I am scared its refused.
Assistant: Thank you. Can you provide any more details to help us find you the right Expert?
Customer: My husband meet the financial and the accomodation requirements. However in August after our wedding in cyprus, we decided to travel to lebanon to visit some of his family but I got denied entry in lebanon because I did not have the appropriate visa and was sent back to cyprus. Do you think this can affect my entry clearance to the UK?


Thanks for your patience.

Is your only concern that you were refused entry to Lebanon? Is your husband a UK citizen?


Customer: replied 1 year ago.
he is british citizen. He has been employed in the same company for the last 9 months earning £21000 for the first 5 months and got a salary increase in june to £23000. He just started renty a flat this month and we are getting the property inspection report today. There is indeed another concern. After cyprus we returned back to London and i fell sick. We went to the chelsea hospital but everything was fine. I was just too anxious. But i did not pay any fee for the consultation. I know that for non resident to the uk and non eu should pay for the consultation and i tried to ring the accounts department of the hospital to see if there is any amount i need to pay but they could not find any record for me which is quite strange. This really worries me as i am afraid that if the Clearance officer investigate and found my record and if there is any amount due my application could be refused. The entry deny to lebanon as well as the medical consultation are the 2 only points that concerns me. Could you please advise? Thanks


Thanks for your reply.

The refusal of your entry to lebanon will only be an issue if you were refused because you attempted some deception or fraud or criminality. If you were simply refused on the basis that you did not have the correct visa or the entry clearance officers were concerned that you did would attempt to stay permanently then you will be fine.

However, I would provide a simply explanation in a statement from you to be submitted with your spouse visa explanation.

As to the unpaid medical consultation is not ideal, but it is probably not likely to result in a refusal in and of itself, so that if there are no other issues then you should still be okay. However, I would contact the hospital in writing again giving details of the consulattion and inviting them to invoice you so that you can pay. If they do not reply then you can submit this with your application and it will be fine

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Is there any further information you require?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi,Yes one last thing is that my husband just started to rent a flat so that we can live together. He has registered to the council and registered for electricity and gas as well. We have the tenancy agreement signed by the estate agent on behalf of the landlord, the letter from the landlord that she does not have any objection for me to live there and the property inspection report.
Will this be a problem that the tenancy agreement was signed by the estate agent on behalf of the landlord?
Do we need to wait till the end of the month that we get our utility bills to start our application or we can do so with the confirmation letter that we have registered for electricity and gas from the providers?

Please leave feedback and I shall reply

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