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Waleed Hassan
Waleed Hassan, Immigration Solicitor
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I'm, I'm in a distance relationship with my partner Lesley

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Hi I'm ***** *****, I'm in a long distance relationship with my partner Lesley Villanueva who currently lives in Canada. She's Canadian with a Filipino background. We've been together 19 months and are serious about our future together, we have decided to start our journey in the UK. I am a home owner and work as a carpenter so I have a good solid income that could support us both and a home. She is qualified with social skills and works with people who need help, drug addictions being an area she is qualified in. She has something to offer this country. What's the best route to take for getting her a UK visa so we can start our lives together properly? Thanks

Mr Lock,

Thank you for the question, and I will try and assist you much as I can.

To bring your partner to the UK, you need to meet the rule relating to Partner. The relevant rule is Appendix FM which is set out below:

In summary, the application needs to be made in Canada. You will have to show that that the relationship is genuine and subsisting, that you earn £18,600 gross per annum or more, that there will be accommodation in the UK. As your partner is a Canadian citizen, she is exempt from the English language requirement.

You state that you have in a relationship for 19 months. To meet the definition of partner, the UK Government expects that you have together for two years, see below:

In Appendix FM, an unmarried partner or a same sex partner means a person who has been living with the applicant in a relationship akin to a marriage or civil partnership for at least two years prior to the date of application.

To overcome this, you have two options, get married in Canada or apply for your partner to come to the UK as fiancee to marry you. Or wait until you have completed two years relationship.

I hope I have answered your question.

Please note that I am unable to give specific legal advice due to the terms if this forum.

Please do not forget to rate my answer kindly.


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