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I am in the process of applying for the citizenship. EU

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Good Afternoon,
I am in the process of applying for the citizenship.
EU national, been in the country 19 years.
Do I need to provide evidence of Treaty rights just for 5 years (+12m)? or would it be for more? Perhaps from the arrival date? Lithuania was not part of EU when I arrived in 1997.
Would I need to provide working registration certificate with the application? (I do already have permanent residency for 6 years ).
Also, I have a daughter 4 years of age – British as per my permanent residency. Do I need to mention her in my application?
I am also not very sure of all of my holidays that I had over last 6 years (2016-2012 is in order but 2010-11 is a problem). Would the cover sheet be sufficient to explain that I am in a full time job? (Payslips will be attached to prove so together with the reference letter) and that my holiday entitlement is 31 days a year and I did not have any more than that.
Address details, I also do not remember all the exact dates but only approximate. Is this going to be a problem?
Please kindly advice and thank you very much in advance.


Thank you for your enquiry.

You must first apply for PR before making an application for citizenship.

You need to provide a clear 5 or more continuous years either from now counting back or from back counting front, if that makes sense. Best to count from back to front to account for your daughter's entitlement to British citizenship. It is not clear whether your daughter has British citizenship or if you have received your PR card. If she has British citizenship and has obtained her British passport then would only be required to mention her as part of your family member and not someone requiring EU status.

With holidays you would be expected to work it out from travel tickets, stamps on your passport and emails booking holidays.

You would also be expected to provide address details and not approximate I am afraid.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you. As mentioned above, I already have the PR for 6 years. I just wanted to know if I have to add my registration certificate in addition to PR with my application.
My daughter has citizenship because I do have PR already. I just need to know if I have to mention her in the application that is all.

If you have a PR card and your daughter has a passport or a registration certificate then you only need to include your PR card. You only need to mention your daughter if she is also applying for status if she already has the documents I have mentioned then she does not need to be mentions except where the application asks about any dependents.

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