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I had written before concerning a case in the first tier

Customer Question

I had written before concerning a case in the first tier tribunal, i just received the decision after 3 months of waiting.The decision was quite contrary to what happened on the day of hearing. Let me start by saying that application was refused by the home office because they believed that i added my names 12 years after the child's birth, well they were wrong and my lawyer was able to prove that my current surname has always been part of my son's names as it reflects on the birth certificate, i was told to do the dna but the mother did not agree with that , anyway, my lawyer wrote to them that the particular law that demand for the dna does not apply to me because i had already added my names to the birth certificate before the law came out and i had a parental responsibility order in the capacity of residency order from the court law which grants me a parental roles on my child and that i have other ways that i can prove my paternal roles over the child since he was born. Anyway, the application was turned down and we went to the court with my son, his mum and the grand mum to give me a support, the immigration lawyer that came to defend the home office did not attend the hearing as he has nothing to ask us, the judge that presided over the case gave permission to grant my son who is 14 years old an interview but later told us that there was no need that he had already satisfied with what he saw and that he would base his judgement base on child's protection and that he had already established a paternal relationship with me and the child and beside that i had submitted enough evidence to convince him as the only person that the child knows as his since he was born, i have evidence from the day he was born up till he was 14, ranging; from letters from family members, schools, hospitals, pictures and etc to back my claim, during the examination no single question was asked about the DNA, but when the court decision comes out the judge used that to refuse the appeal despite the fact that he could not find anything contrary to answers given during the interview, the order granted to me by the court will not be exercised and they seemed not to care and also the child's protection rights will not be protected if the decision stands, the judge that wrote the decision is not the same judge that presided over the case, please what can i do now?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 11 months ago.

You need to contact the lawyer who represented you. The lawyer would have taken notes and if they are inconsistent with the judgement then he will advise you.