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I arrived in the uk under an ancestral visa with two

Customer Question

I arrived in the uk under an ancestral visa with two children who were dependants. Five years later we renewed our visas. Now we are wanting to apply for our ILR.
1. Do we apply together? On separate forms.
2. As the children(now adults) are as they need to still be residing with me? Both are working and have been for the past 5 years. One is not living at home.
3. Do I pay for all three of us? From my account for the same day service?
4. As I am the main applicant. Does it matter that I have been unemployed for the past 3 years? As I had a hysterectomy and had complications. I live with my partner who earns approx £25k per there a minimum he needs to earn? The rental and living expenses are split between my partner(British), daughter, and Mother(a British citizen) from her British state pension. I am intending to go to university in September. I have a letter from my Doctor explaining my issues. I worked for 4 and a half years prior to my hysterectomy. The fact that I am that going to work against me?
5. If I apply separately how will this effect my children's application? My daughter applied for her ILR and it was declined as I had to have my ILR first as she was a dependant on my ancestral visa.
6. We are hoping to do the same day service. Do I pay the dependant rate for them, or the separate application fee?
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Immigration Law
Expert:  frantzgregory replied 8 months ago.


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