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If I am a foreign national, with British children (8 & 5)

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If I am a foreign national, with British children (8 & 5) and have been divorced without a settlement, can I get legal aid to help me get a divorce settlement from my ex-husband? I have been stay-at-home parent to our children and my immigration status is not settled. My ex-husband is hostile and refusing to give me money or let me stay in the house though he does expect me to have the children in the working week. He is threatening me with deportation and has confiscated our children's passports, so I can not complete my immigration application. I am staying with friends but we do not have a permanent place because none of my friends have space for us. He has instructed a lawyer and I have no money for one. The degree absolute came through this week (without my agreement) and now he says I am on my own and he will be taking the kids off me soon. I don't know what to do

If you are eligible you can access legal aid for your children matters. you need to contact the child support agency for child maintenace.

Customer: replied 7 months ago.
Do you understand that I am asking you whether I am eligible or not?

JA does not assess users on whether they are eligible for legal aid or not. You need to see a solicitor with legal aid franchise to make that assessment.

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